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Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Toner (280ml)

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Toner (280ml)

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Feel fresh, clean, and moisturized when you use this water-type toner!

  • Strengthens skin's elasticity
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Moisturizes skin



Yellow yuja-only refreshes clear skin

#Moisturizing # Yuja Vitamin C # Hypoallergenic care


 Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)



Refreshing Citron C Care
Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)


Fresh and soft. Moist moisturizing of yuja.

Full nutrition of Citron C gently, Absorbed and fresh toner.



Creating skin texture, Sparkly Light Care.

Full of nutrition from inside the skin! Glowing skin that fills from the inside.



Without irritation to the skin. Hypoallergenic 0.00

Primary stimulation of 32 test subjects. 0.00 Hypoallergenic determination with test completed



With natural extracts. Maintain moist moisture balance.


Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)

Moist and fresh texture, Healthy and fresh skin!

Shiny Skin Texture Care - Citron Toner filled with Vitamins

Rich in vitamin C, Yuja is unique in its refreshing taste moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin!

Stay Natural – Refreshing Yellow Citron

The light and wind of nature in the ski and the wind of the earth it’s a lot of fits, and it’s a lot more color, and it’s a lot tighter. Yuja is rich in nutrition and refreshing,
*The above contents are limited to raw ingredients.

You can feel Yuja it is Farmstay Yuja Toner

A refreshing yellow citron that is natural it contains three times as much vitamin C as lemon. Helps create vibrant skin.
#Refreshing Yuja  #Moisture & Nutrition  #Hypoallergenic Moisturizing

 Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)


Fresh and soft Yuja Toner

Citron C’s full nutrition is refreshing and gentle.
Moisturize your tired skin from the inside. Moist and supple skin texture!



Creating Skin Texture, Sparkly Light Care.

Yuja toner moisturizing causes roughness exfoliates and nourishes the skin. Skin texture is shining result skin!



Without irritation to the skin, complete a hypoallergenic test.

Yuja’s refreshing nutrition is full of moisture gently without any irritation to the skin.
Skin reactivity after-> 30 Minutes 0.00 -> After 24 hours 0.00
Completed Hypoallergenic Test:
Primary skin irritation test completed 0.00. Hypoallergenic Toner without worry.
*24-hour single application primary stimulation human application test| 33 people 06/08/22-06/10/2022 *(State Human Skin Clinical Test Center)


Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)


Moist moisture and soft application Fresh, non-sticky transparent water-type toner.


Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)

Recommended For

✓ Those who need hypoallergenic toner
✓ Those who want to have healthy skin
✓ Those who want to refresh themselves with a refreshing aroma
✓ Those who looking for a shining result toner
✓ Those who want to moisture lush skin


Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)

How To Use

01 Fresh wipe care that wipes out impurities from the skin.

Apply a moderate amount of the product on a cotton pad. Wipe lightly outwards, centred on your nose. Smooth skin by trimming dead skin and impurities


02 Absorbent care that absorbs plenty of moisture and nutrition.

Absorbent care for gentle absorption by applying a moderate amount to your hands. Layering several times according to skin troubles to make it moister!


03 Moisture Care Toner Pack immediately when you feel dry.

Easily recharge moisture in the skin with 1 skin pack per day. Moisture Intensive Moist Yuja Toner Pack Care.
Farmstay Citrus Yuzu Vitalizing Toner (280ml)
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