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Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Emulsion (200ml)

Farmstay Collagen Water Full Moist Emulsion (200ml)

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Moisturize and strengthen your skin with this full moist emulsion!
• Provides an intense moisturizing effect
• Treats wrinkles and fine lines
• Strengthens the skin barrier
• Helps skin attract moisture
• Improves skin elasticity


Collagen Water Full Moist Deep Cleansing Foam


Deep cleansing foam to blow away fine dust

Deep cleaning foam with marine collagen and 6 plant extracts helps cleanse makeup residues and impurities in pores, forming a moisturizing layer that leaves skin moisturized and fresh without tightening after cleansing.


Even on the no-make-up days, cleansing is essential.

Cleansing is important even for those days without makeup on because of fine dust!
Gently cleanses the fatigued skin from makeup and external irritation throughout the day.


Moisturizing after washing! Elastic!

Marine collagen active ingredient helps balance the skin after cleansing and moisturizes deep into the skin to maintain the water and oil balance of the skin.


From pore to sebum care

Helps to manage the dead skin cells, sebum, and deep into pores, which are easily damaged by external irritation.


Those who looking for gentle cleansing foam
Those who concerned with dry skin
Those who are in need of constant care of pores and skin texture


Main Extract

Marine collagen helps to reduce wrinkles

Marine collagen is a type of collagen found in the sea and has the most similar structure to the skin. In addition, marine collagen is an excellent natural ingredient to help reduce wrinkles because it has serine from amino acids four times higher than regular collagen.
*The said effects are the features of the original ingredient.
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