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Farmstay Real Bamboo Essence Mask 10-Piece Set

Farmstay Real Bamboo Essence Mask 10-Piece Set

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Treat yourself and moisturize your skin with this Real Bamboo Essence Mask.

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Maintains water and oil balance
  • Leaves skin fresh without a sticky feeling

The bamboo extract containing polyphenols with excellent moisturizing power makes dry skin clear and moist.

01. Contains bamboo extract!

Quench skin thirst with minerals!

Bamboo water with abundant minerals supplies moisture to quench the skin's thirst and moisturizes dry skin to make the skin full of moisture.

02. Nourishment without gaps!

Adhesive & highly moisturizing Mask

The sheet paper with high absorbency and contents of the light essence fit tightly to the curved parts of the face, so you can feel the soft use without burdening the skin.

03. Gentle without irritation!

Fresh absorption

The mask can effectively minimize skin irritation and deliver the essence to the skin when applied to the face.

Recommended to:

  • Those who want to have smooth skin.
  • Those who want daily care.
  • Those whose skin looks tired.
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