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Derma Cube Pink Salt Therapy Hair Filler (13ml x 10)

Derma Cube Pink Salt Therapy Hair Filler (13ml x 10)

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Nourish your hair with this therapy hair filler!
• Contains pink Himalayan salt to deliver nutrients to the hair
• Improves hair structure and strength
• Creates a protective layer on the hair
• Moisturizes and softens dry hair
Forms a hydration barrier with nutrition when applied on wet hair and scalp, to maximize treatment effects and make your scalp healthy!

POINT 01 Your Only Treatment
Aqua Action Formula which turns into a cream when mixed with water is a highly nourishing treatment consisting of Panthenol called Vitamin B5, which helps to hydrate hairs and vitalize the scalp.

POINT 02 Creates ‘Hydration Barrier’ to vitalize!
It consists of hydrolyzed collagen to increase the structure and strength of scalp, which helps to provide nutrition to ends of the hair.

POINT 03 Easy to use and apply!
Perfect volume for one-time use. Start taking care of your easily damaged hair at home, to provide nutrition deep into the hair and scalp!
Recommended For
✓ For those who concerned with dry and static hair
✓ For those with thin and damaged hair that breaks easily
✓ For those who are concerned with tousled hair due to frequent coloring
✓ For those who often use styling tools
✓ For those who don’t have enough time to get professional care
Nutrition for Hair! Scalp elasticity up!
Dual Protein
Hydrolyzed silk, which helps soften the hair and hydrolyzed collagen, which helps firm the scalp, increases scalp density and provides nutrition.
Excellent hydration to relieve itching
Menthol known for hair loss prevention lowers scalp temperature and relieves itching.
Salicylic Acid penetrates into the pores of the scalp and melts sebum.
Excellent hydration effects by Panthenol.

Elastic Hair with full of Mineral
Pink salt contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, to provide hair nutrition.

Highly concentrated nutrition treatment turns into a cream when mixed with water in 1:1 ratio.
1. Add water and filler in 1:1 ratio. Stir to mix.
2. Apply filler that has changed to cream type all over the hair
3. Rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15mins.
*The product may be used on its own, but mixing it with water is recommended to maximize the effects.
**Hot water is not recommended
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