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Dr. Seed

Dr. Seed Peppermint & Lemon Vegan Dandruff Care Cool Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (1000ml)

Dr. Seed Peppermint & Lemon Vegan Dandruff Care Cool Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (1000ml)

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Refreshing your itchy and stuffy scalp

Dr. Seed Peppermint & Lemon

Vegan Dandruff Cool

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo


Dandruff? Why does it happen?


Scalp dandruff occurs due to various causes such as
environmental factors and irregular habits.
The most important of them is the oil-water balance
due to the lack of moisture in the scalp.
When this balance collapses, it causes the form of dry white dead skin cells.


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Yuza, Plum
Middle Notes: Lily, Orchid, Cyclamen
Base Notes: Amber
The floral scent is mixed with a refreshing citrus scent and dandelion flower seeds and it is also mixed with scent of refreshing eucalyptus.

Main Ingredients


Greenol 6

It helps quickly calm tired and stressed scalp stimulated by outside,
and helps relieve itching caused by dryness.
6 Herbs: Lavender, Bergamo Leaf, Peppermint Leaf,
Frisier, Matricaria Flower, Rosemary Leaf.
*The description is limited to features of the ingredients.

Piroctone Olamine

Helps relieve dandruff by interfering with the energy activity of dandruff production.


Helps maintain a clean and healthy scalp by taking care of dandruff along with skin convergence effect.
*The description is limited to features of the ingredients.


Peppermint & Lemon

Scalp Deep Cleaning + Healthy Scalp
Peppermint & Lemon extract ingredients cleanse the blocked scalp with sebum and dead skin cells in a cool and clean manner, and help absorb active ingredients to provide healthy and energetic nutrition to the scalp and hair.
*Peppermint leaf extract 101 ppm / contains lemon extract 17.4 ppm
*The description is limited to features of the ingredients.

From dandruff to hair loss

The reason why peppermint & lemon vegan dandruff cool anti-hair loss shampoo is really different.

01 Scalp Purifying Exfoliation

Contains dandruff relief key ingredients.

02 Pore Purification

Removes old dead skin cells and dandruff to revitalize the scalp.


03 Adjust the PH Balance of The Scalp

Make your scalp lively by controlling the balance of oil and moisture.


Yellow gel type with lemon and herb therapy ingredients.
With a sticky formulation and rich foam, it removes excessive dead skin cells and dandruff to deep cleanse the scalp fresh and cool.
*Dr. seed peppermint & lemon shampoo does not use artificial coloring.

The First Step For the environment

From ingredients to packaging

Dr. Seed is contributing to reducing plastic landfill
and incineration in order to practice sustainable beauty.
How to separate and discharge recycling standard-grade packaging material.
STEP 01 Wash off clearly it by separating the container and pump.
STEP 02  Rip off the label attached to the container.
STEP 03 Recycle by material separately.

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