Collection: Brightening

K-beauty is best known for its wide variety of gentle skincare products with natural ingredients, which are ideal for skin whitening, nurturing, and replenishing. Not only that but they are also known for setting various skincare routines and trends that capture every beauty enthusiast's heart.

Not to mention that their glass skincare trend reached a wide range of audiences, making everyone interested in that coveted glass skin. In Ushops, we have a wide selection of K-beauty products that promote skin brightening. 

What is Skin Brightening?

One of the main objectives of K-beauty products, aside from maintaining healthy skin, is providing brighter and glowing skin. However, brightening and whitening are sometimes used interchangeably in Korea. So, to give you a clearer idea, we will explain the difference between the two terms. 

The term 'brightening' in Korea represents a different category of skin care products from the whitening/lightening category. Generally, brightening products target various skin discolorations such as scarring, acne marks, dark spots, and other skin hyperpigmentation. Its main objective is to restore the natural and original complexion of your skin. Brightening products are available in cream, serum, facial sheet masks, cleansing foam, and more.

On the other hand, skin whitening refers to the actual lightening of darker areas of your skin. It reduces the concentration of melanin in your skin which is not highly exercised in K-beauty products. Too much use of whitening products, especially those with chemicals and harsh ingredients can lead to skin burns, skin rashes, irritation, hormonal imbalance, and even a high risk of developing cancer.

Should I use K-Beauty Brightening?

Unlike other whitening products, K-beauty brightening products are proven effective and safe to use. Besides, K-beauty skin care is more focused on delivering natural beauty. The products usually contain vitamin C and different extracts from rice, lemon, licorice pearl, mulberry, and more. These ingredients are all-natural, harsh-free, and gentle to your skin, which can give you more glowing, radiant skin and even skin tone. Say goodbye to skin discolorations and hello to more even and brilliant skin! 

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