What is K-Beauty?

Generally, K-beauty is a trendy term for all skincare products manufactured in Korea. In Korean culture, the pursuit of beauty, glam and self-care are popular and that's where K-Beauty originated. Korean influence on skincare is now reached hundreds of beauty enthusiasts all over the world and it keeps on growing every day.

Why Is Korean Beauty & Skin Care So Popular?

In terms of skincare regimens, Korean beauty & skincare products stand out among other skincare products for many reasons. Their K-Beauty products promote self-care and maintain natural-looking beauty and each product contains effective, natural, lightweight and gentle ingredients which are embraced by many.

Aside from the product ingredients, the innovation in beauty tools and devices is also non-stop and on-point. Not to mention that most of their skincare products are designed to fit all types of beauty.

Do face mask sheets/gel actually work?

The soothing and hydrating effect of Korean face masks/gels is already proven and tested by hundreds of users. Its natural ingredients effectively stay and are quickly absorbed by the skin. After using it you can immediately observe that your skin is glowing.

Are at-home beauty devices (aka. aesthetic devices) worth buying?

If you are not fond of visiting a beauty clinic and parlour, adding at-home cosmetic devices to your beauty regimes list is a smart decision. These products will help you achieve the natural beauty that you desire while saving more money on paying for beauty treatments outside.

What are the K-Beauty brands that we carry?

Some of the K-beauty brands that we carry are Uniquan, Farmstay, Vanessa Mattia, Dermabelle, Smart Hydro Pure, The Zsazsa and many more.