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Tea Tree Biome Collection
Effective in calming sensitive skin and balancing healthy skin.

Aromatherapy Shower Set (1920 × 1080 px) (2).png__PID:c145afe5-63e2-44dc-9381-5cb3d32e9d34

Upgrade Your Shower, Upgrade Your Life

Get one of the ONLY shower sets with REAL essential oils, not artificial fragrances.
Experience a refreshing and invigorating cleanse like never before!
Copy of Aromatherapy Shower Set (1wdwd6).png__PID:869d567e-e0ba-4ee4-b468-5d9065f88b93

You deserve a spa-like shower experience!

✓ Dual Filtration System
✓ Hard Water Softener
✓ Essential Oil Capsules
✓ No Synthetic Fragrances
✓ No Hair-loss, No Dry Skin