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If you want to achieve healthier, hydrated, radiant, and glowing skin, then Farmstay is your best K-beauty partner! The brand provides you with a wide variety of skincare products, including the sets of Dermacube Vita Clinic. Pamper yourself with these amazing and proven effective K-beauty cosmetics! 



Dermacube Vita Clinic Hair Filler

Do you always experience having a bad hair day, especially on special days? Then worry no more! With Vita Clinic hair filler, say goodbye to messy and damaged hair. Dermacube Vita Clinic hair filler manufactured by Farmstay is one of the best and most highly concentrated nutrition treatments for your hair. It usually comes in a liquid form but eventually turns into a cream when you mixed it with water. It also acts as a conditioner used for hydrating and replenishing dry and dull hair.

Dermacube Vita Clinic Cream

Vita clinic cares about your skin, that’s why they formulated a total care cream product that restores the beauty of your skin. With its rich and natural ingredients, you can prevent skin dullness and dehydration. Aside from its hydrating power, it strengthens your skin barrier, guarding it against damage while revitalizing your tired-looking skin. The cream does not only take good care of your skin, but it also makes your skin brighter and glowing.-------

Dermacube Vita Clinic Cleansing Gel Foam

Vita Clinic gel-type cleansing foam provides you with cleaner and healthier skin. Its rich and thick foam is effective in removing makeup residues and accumulated dirt in your pores without damaging your skin tissue. Not only that, but the multi-vitamins in this cleansing foam also give proper nourishment and rejuvenate your tired and dry skin. It also contains moisturizing ingredients, freeing you from skin dryness even after having double-cleansing.

Dermacube Vita Clinic Serum

If you are looking for an effective serum that hydrates and brightens your dull-looking skin, try this Vita Clinic serum! It is a serum that keeps your skin hydrated while repairing impurities, giving you nourishing skin. It is also easy and comfortable to wear as it is non-sticky and lightweight. The serum also improves elasticity and makes the skin barrier stronger.

Try this Vita Clinic set and level up your skincare routines to achieve healthy, radiant, glowing, and naturally young-looking skin. Check out other skincare cosmetics here in Ushops!