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Transform Your Shower With

Aromatherapy Shower Head


✓ Dual Filtration System
✓ Hard Water Softener
✓ Essential Oils Capsules
✓ No Synthetic Fragrances
✓ No Hair-loss, No Dry Skin

A Better Shower For a Better You

Aromatherapy Shower Set - Lavender

Relaxing and Soothing Benefits skin, body, and mind

Lavender essential oil is a versatile and popular oil that is known for its soothing and calming properties. When added to your shower routine, lavender oil can provide a range of benefits for your skin, body, and mind.

Upgrade Your Shower, Upgrade Your Life

Get one of the ONLY shower sets with REAL essential oils, not artificial fragrances.

Experience a refreshing and invigorating cleanse like never before.

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Tired of dealing with dry skin and falling hair because of the harsh chemicals in your water?

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We've all been there

looking for a little luxury in our daily routines, and a nice, refreshing shower can be just the ticket.

 But chlorine and impurities in the water can turn that dreamy shower into a bit of a downer.

 Well, guess what? This aromatherapy shower set from UNIQUAN comes to you from Japanese and Korean beauty science and technology.

By harnessing the power of natural essential oils and some seriously advanced water filtration tech -- you can really turn showering into luxury.

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You deserve a spa-like shower experience!

Your Shower, Your Oasis

All-in-one Package Includes

✓ High-pressure Shower Head

for an invigorating cleanse

✓ Flexible Shower Hose

for added convenience

✓ Adjustable Shower Holder

for personalized positioning

✓ Aromatherapy Shower Capsule

to soothe your senses

✓ Activated Carbon Fiber Filter

to ensure your water is as pure as can be

Keep your skin clear and your hair glossy!

Top-notch beauty tech straight from Japan and Korea! 
  • Soothing Aromatherapy

    Delight in the calming and soothing Lavender scent, the moisturizing and invigorating Peach aroma, and the refreshing and revitalizing fragrance of Lime.

  • Thin Water Spray

    This showerhead features ultra-fine fiber water for enhanced skin absorption of vitamin C and essential oils.

  • Pure Water Purity

    The advanced Activated Carbon Fiber Filter ensures that your water is free from impurities and residual chlorine. This means cleaner and purer water for a refreshing shower experience.

  • Spa-like High-pressure Shower

    Indulge in a spa-like experience with our high-pressure rainfall shower head right in the comfort of your home.

  • Nourishing Essential Oils

    This all-in-one shower set is infused with natural essential oils (not artificial fragrances) that promote relaxation and stress relief and provide that much needed nourishment for your hair and skin. Everything for stronger, healthier hair and skin.

Upgrade your shower experience with a delicate mist

  • Luxury in every drop

    Upgrade your daily shower routine with the "Thin Water Spray" Shower Head, designed to bring the spa right into your bathroom.

    This innovative shower head creates a soothing and luxurious shower experience with its ultra-fine water spray. Each droplet feels like a soft caress on your skin, making your daily shower a delightful escape from the ordinary.

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  • Gentle and soothing

    The secret lies in the delicate water spray, which is both gentle and soothing. 

    Unlike some shower heads that feel like needles piercing your skin, this one envelops you in a fine mist of water, providing a truly relaxing sensation.

It's perfect for those who enjoy a shower that's not only refreshing but also feels like a pampering spa treatment.

No more harsh water streams! No more discomfort!

Discover the bliss of a thin water spray shower head

It's perfect for those who enjoy a shower that's not only refreshing but also feels like a pampering spa treatment.

No more harsh water streams! No more discomfort!

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Say Hello to Softer Water and Savings with Our Filtered Showerhead

Enjoy the Benefits of Filtered Water Without the High Cost

Boost Your Shower Pressure for a Refreshing Experience

From Drizzle to Downpour. Experience the Joy of High-Pressure Showers Every Day

Are you sick of those wimpy showers that feel more like a drizzle than a refreshing wash?

Well, say goodbye to that frustration with our incredible showerhead! You see, it doesn't just filter the water – it also gives you the strong, revitalizing water pressure you've been dreaming of.

Step into your shower and feel the invigorating rush of water that'll re-energize your body and even soothe your soul.

Thanks to our showerhead's special pressure-boosting technology, every shower transforms into a spa-like escape. It's like a daily reset, washing away all the day's worries.

And the best part?

You don't need to break the bank on costly plumbing upgrades or extra gadgets. Our showerhead is super easy to install, and it's all you need to enjoy a powerful, satisfying shower experience that'll feel like an oasis.

Why essential oils in the shower?

Using essential oils in the shower can offer several benefits:

✔ Essential oils are known for their aromatic properties, which can have a positive impact on emotions.

✔ Essential oils help moisturize, soothe, and nourish.

✔ Inhaling the fragrant steam in the shower can create a calming atmosphere.

✔ Use lavender and peach essential oil for relaxation.

✔ Use citrus oils like lime for an energizing effect.


The Lavender Set is fantastic. The lavender aroma is delightful, and it's perfect for winding down after a long day. The results on my skin have been impressive. Great value.

Lucas H.

This Shower Head is a fantastic addition to my bathroom. The lavender scent is so soothing, and it's perfect for unwinding after a hectic day. My skin feels fantastic.

Daniel R.

Impurities begone! The activated carbon filter effectively removes impurities, and the water quality is noticeably better.


How to Install Aromatherapy Shower Head Set


Can I use the Activated Carbon Fiber Filter / Aromatherapy Shower Capsule with my own showerhead?

The Activated Carbon Fiber filter and Aromatherapy Shower Capsules are not compatible with other showerheads. The set is designed as a complete system to provide the best shower experience, combining the benefits of the Activated Carbon Fiber filter and Aromatherapy Shower Capsules with the UNIQUAN Showerhead.

How often should I replace the Activated Carbon Fiber filter?

It is recommended to replace the Activated Carbon Fiber filter in the UNIQUAN Aromatherapy Shower Set every 2-3 months or when a reduction in water flow from the showerhead is observed.

The filter has a water filtration capacity of 12,000 liters (3,100 gallons). However, you may need to adjust the replacement frequency based on your water quality and usage.

Can I use the Aromatherapy Shower Set in areas with hard water?

Yes, the Aromatherapy Shower Set can be used in areas with hard water. The Activated Carbon Fiber filter helps remove impurities and chlorine from the water, providing a softer and more enjoyable shower experience.

However, it is important to note that the filter's lifespan may be affected by the hardness of the water, and you may need to replace it more frequently.

Where can I purchase replacement filters and shower capsules?

You can purchase replacement filters and Aromatherapy Shower Capsules directly from or authorized retailers, including Amazon, T&T Supermarket, and Walmart Marketplace. Please refer to our website or contact our customer support for assistance in finding a retailer near you.

Is the filtered water from the Aromatherapy Shower Set drinkable?

No, the filtered water from the UNIQUAN Aromatherapy Shower Set is not intended for drinking. The Activated Carbon Fiber filter is designed specifically to remove impurities and chlorine from tap water to provide a cleaner and more enjoyable shower experience. While it helps improve the quality of the water for bathing, it does not purify the water to a level that is safe for consumption. For drinking water, we recommend using a separate filtration system specifically designed for drinking purposes.

Can I use the Aromatherapy Shower Capsules without the Activated Carbon Fiber filter?

While the Aromatherapy Shower Capsules can be used separately, we recommend using them in conjunction with the Activated Carbon Fiber filter for the best results. The filter helps purify the water and remove impurities, ensuring a cleaner and more refreshing shower experience when combined with the aromatic benefits of the capsules.