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Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream (100g)

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream (100g)

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Say goodbye to dry skin and let this cream bring nourishment back to your skin.

  • Contains marine collagen to deeply moisturize the skin
  • Creates a protective layer on the skin to keep moisture in
  • Provides long-lasting hydration
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines



Yellow yuja-only refreshes clear skin

#Moisturizing # Yuja Vitamin C

# Hypoallergenic care

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream (100g)



Refreshing Citron C Care

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream (100g)



Full of fresh nature’s fragrant moisturizing power of Yuja.

Citron only full of vitamin C refreshing cream.



Feel good all day, Refreshing citron scent

A refreshing citrus-based citron scent, in a good mood all the day.



Without irritation to the skin. Hypoallergenic 0.00

Primary stimulation of 32 test subjects. 0.00 Hypoallergenic determination with test completed



Whitening/ Wrinkle improvement.

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream

Niacinamide and adenosine. Functional cosmetics added!

Moisture Clear Skin - Citron Cream filled with Vitamins

Rich in vitamin C, Yuja is unique in its refreshing taste moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin!


100% Domestic Cultivation – High-Quality Yellow Citron

Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream_3


In Goheung, Jeollanam, South Korea, a mountain region where the sky, the earth, the wind and the sea are combined with the light and sea breeze that nature gives, the color is finer. Citron has a refreshing aroma that is full of nutrition.
*The above contents are limited to raw ingredients.


You can feel Yuja it is Farmstay Yuja Cream

A refreshing yellow citron that is natural it contains three times as much vitamin C as lemon. Helps create vibrant skin.
#Refreshing Yuja  #Moisture & Nutrition  #Hypoallergenic Moisturizing
Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream_3



Full of Fresh Nature Moisturizing of Yuja Cream

Famous for its excellent moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizing from the inside of the skin, moisturized and vibrant skin!



Feel Good All Day. Refreshing Citrus Scent.

The moment you apply it, it spreads comfortably a sweet and refreshing citrus citron fragrance.



Without irritation to the skin, complete a hypoallergenic test.

Yuja’s refreshing nutrition is full of moisture gently without any irritation to the skin.
Skin reactivity after-> 30 Minutes 0.00 -> After 24 hours 0.00
Completed Hypoallergenic Test:
Primary skin irritation test completed 0.00. Hypoallergenic Toner without worry.
*24-hour single application primary stimulation human application test| 33 people 06/08/22-06/10/2022 *(State Human Skin Clinical Test Center)



Whitening Wrinkle Improvement. Double Functional Cosmetics.

Niacinamide with adenosine double functional cosmetics to help to whiten. wrinkle improvement citrus citron vitalizing cream.
Farmstay Citrus Yuja Vitalizing Cream

Recommended For

✓ Those who need hypoallergenic cream
✓ Those who want to have a bright complexion
✓ Those who want to have vibrant, clear skin
✓ Those who need to improve skin wrinkles
✓ Those who want to start the morning with a refreshing aroma

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