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Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream (80ml)

Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream (80ml)

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Say goodbye to dry skin and let this cream bring nourishment back to your skin.

  • Boosts hydration
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Formulated with tea tree biome for healthy skin balance
  • Minimizes moisture loss
Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

 Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

Calming effect and skin elasticity with TEA TREE BIOME

Green Derma Recipe with Tea Tree Leaves and Micro Biome Effective in calming sensitive skin and balancing healthy skin.
*Above effect is limited to an original ingredient.


Triple Care

Strong Calming Effect with Tea Tree + Micro Biome

It is a compound word for Microbe and Biome.
It refers to the environment in which microorganisms and ecosystems live, including the genetic information of various microorganisms.
It takes care of the skin’s foundation to change skin texture, strengthen the skin barrier, and promote blood circulation to make the clear and healthy.
*Above effect is limited to an original ingredient.
Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream
Triple moisturizing ingredient - Triple moisturizing effect with tea tree + olive-derived ingredient + 8 types of hyaluronic acid.
Calming skin heat with less irritation – Cool water cream full of moisture that calms the irritated skin from the heat.
Refreshing outer skin, moisturizing inside the skin – The best cream for oily and dry skin that keeps moisturizing deep inside the skin with a refreshing and cooling, non-sticky texture.


Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream


Triple moisturizing care & calming skincare main ingredient

Tea tree leaf extract is a representative ingredient for skin calming. Tea Tree leaf extract helps intensively care for sensitive skin with damaged inner and outer skin barriers to control healthy skin balance.

Contains plant extracts

Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

It contains Centella Asiatica extract, madecassoside, and lactose, which are nourishing the skin, providing moisture and radiance to the skin by soothing, energizing and strengthening the barrier.
Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

Natural olive-derived ingredients “Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiable”

It softens dry and sensitive skin with natural ingredients and prevents moisture loss by increasing the skin barrier with a skin conditioning effect.
Moisturizing ingredients are formulated in a structure similar to the skin’s lipid structure to help stable absorption, and the moisturizing gel formula with a soft and cooling texture completes the skin full of moisture without tightness.
*Above effect is limited to an original ingredient.

8 types of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid in Bouncy water cream

Hyaluronic acid, which fills the skin with moisture, creates a moisture barrier and keeps the moisture for a long time.



Fill the moisture, calm the skin

Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

Helps moisturize and effective ingredient to stay on the skin longer, and it is applied smoothly to adhere thinly to the skin, and it is absorbed without any sense of exterior so that it helps calm the skin.



“Tea Tree Biome Calming water cream is rigorously certified”

Skin Irritation Test Passed

30 minutes and 24 hours after applying Tea Tree biome calming water cream, it was determined to be non-irritating. Even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the Tea Tree Biome Calming Serum due to its non-irritant.
Anti-wrinkle Functional Cosmetics
Adenosine, a representative wrinkle improvement ingredient announced by helps improve wrinkles and skin elasticity.

 Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream


Water gel texture with a refreshing and cooling feeling. The refreshing and comfortable water gel-type texture applies well on the skin softly and smoothly, and immediately gives a feeling of moisturizing and coolness.

 Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it lightly on the entire face except around the eyes to absorb it at the last step of skincare.
 Tea Tree Biome Calming Water Cream
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