Collection: Best Korean Moisturizers for Glass Skin in North America

One of the biggest beauty trends in recent years is the phenomenal Glass Skin. If you’re into Korean beauty then there’s a huge chance that you may have already come across this skin trend. Did you know that this look can be achieved even with just one product? All you need is a high-performance Korean moisturizer.

What is Glass Skin?

Before we dive into how to achieve Glass Skin, let’s talk about what exactly this beauty trend entails. Glass Skin is a type of look wherein the skin is packed with moisture that leaves a nice sheen on the surface that mimics a glass gleaming surface.  

The goal is to create a flawless, glossy look on the skin that looks good even without any touch of makeup. 

How to have Glass Skin with Korean Moisturizer?

Always start with properly cleansed skin.

It’s like starting with a clean, blank canvas. To get all the goodness from your moisturizer and other skincare products fully absorbed, you need to free your pores from any type of impurities and excessive oil.

Try layering your moisturizing skincare products.

Glass skin is all about loading your skin up with hydration until a thin layer of moisture forms. This thin film of moisture is what gives the gloss effect which is pretty much what glass skin is about. You can layer your moisturizers and serums if you’d like to achieve such sheen, as long as you’re using lightweight formulas.

Invest in a deep-hydrating Korean moisturizer.

Go for moisturizers that have lightweight and fast-absorbing but they should also have excellent hydrating properties. Look for ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil.

The Best Moisturizer Formulas for Glass Skin

  • Serum - These are highly-concentrated skin hydrators that suit all skin types in general. They are often fast-absorbent without leaving a sticky feel.
  • Cream - This is ideal for those with very dry skin since cream formulas are usually heavier.
  • Oil - Also ideal for dry skin and also gives more sheen for it usually leaves a slightly thicker film on the surface of the skin.