Collection: Farmstay Tea Tree Biome

A lot of research suggests that Tea tree oil carries abundant health benefits. In addition to its scientifically-backed health claims, tea tree oil is safe to use and costs cheaper than other essential oils. That's why many Tea Tree Biome products became more prominent, and the K-beauty industry is one of the major suppliers. 

What is Tea Tree Biome?  

Tea tree oil is also known as the melaleuca oil extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves. Due to its several benefits, it became an alternative treatment for some health problems and a cure for some skin impurities. Even today, the tea tree biome is still an essential ingredient in many household products but is most common in cosmetics. Tea tree oil is now widely used as a 100% oil, undiluted, or neat while diluted forms, spanning from 5–50% strength in beauty products ideally made for the skin. Today several Tea Tree Biome products from various brands are now readily available all over the market. 

You can also find Tea Tree Biome calming cream, toner, emulsion and eye cream products in UShops. Each product has its purpose and benefits that you and your skin can benefit from.  

What are the Benefits?

In terms of benefits, Tea Tree oil will always be the top leading among other essential oils used for beauty products. It was proven and tested, and many studies supported its health claims. 

Tea Tree Biome Toners

Tea Tree Biome toners boost skin hydration, keeping your skin moisturized, fresh and healthy for a long time. It is also ideal for soothing irritated skin. Regular application of the toner may free you from wrinkles and fine lines.

Tea Tree Biome Eye Cream

The eye cream with tea tree biome minimizes dark circles and prevents the sagging of the under-eye skin. It also deeply moisturizes the skin around your eyes, soothes dry skin, and adds strength to your skin barrier.

Tea Tree Biome Emulsion

It also boosts skin hydration and soothes your irritated skin. In addition, the product rejuvenates your skin, leaving you a more fresh and young-looking skin.

Tea Tree Cream

The tea tree cream nourishes your skin, freeing you from wrinkles and fine lines. It is also a good solution for getting rid of dry skin and soothing irritated skin.