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CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion (2 Colors)

CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion (2 Colors)

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The CLIO Kill Cover All New Cushion has been renewed with a thinner and more delicate formula, maintaining its high coverage power. Experience the new thin kill cover with just one touch. It fills in the gaps between the curves of the skin to express smoother and thinner skin. This cushion covers all skin problems with pores, irregularities, and redness, and provides a lightweight cover without feeling heavy or stuffy.

With long-lasting power that does not require correction for 72 hours, it prevents the mask from smudging. The customized curve-shaped puff provides easy and meticulous coverage of narrow and delicate areas. It is the perfect cushion for daily use and can be used satisfactorily for most skin types.

The smaller powder is deposited on the skin thinner and more densely, creating a thin and light skin expression.

Has coverage without clumping and a thinner and lighter texture.
It has been tested to be a product that helps makeup last for 72 hours and prevents the mask from smudging.
It has a skin irritation index of 0.00 and is safe to use as a hypoallergenic product.

After taking an appropriate amount, apply a thin layer on the face and pat lightly.
*It is recommended to choose a cushion if you want coverage that is covered at once, and if you want a thinner adhesion, it is recommended to choose a foundation.





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