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Derma Cube Probiotics Therapy Night Cream (4ml x 20)

Derma Cube Probiotics Therapy Night Cream (4ml x 20)

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Say hello to healthy, younger-looking skin with this therapy night cream.
• Fast absorbing
• Light cream formulation
• Boosts hydration
• Soothes irritated skin
• Strengthens the skin barrier
Take care of your skin even while you are sleeping!
It is a night cream that soothes and moisturizes dry and tired skin during the night.

POINT 01. Don't miss the skin regeneration time! It contains seven complex fermented
extracts that nurture the skin's natural strength, creating a synergistic effect that strengthens the skin barrier during skin regeneration, helping to keep the skin firm and healthy.
POINT 02. Apply it easily, get a good night's sleep, and finish with skincare!
It soaks into the skin overnight to make the skin moist and firm. It is a hygienic night cream that is individually packaged and is used like a pack when special care is needed because it is hygienic and easy to carry.
POINT 03. Moist skin without stickiness!
The non-heavy, refreshing texture is quickly absorbed into the skin without stickiness, filling the skin with moisture and helping to keep the skin moist and soft for a long time.

Recommended for
Those who want to take care of their skin while sleeping
Those who wish for moist and soft skin
Those who want simple and special skincare
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that strengthen the human body's intestinal health and immune function. In addition, they improve skin balance and help to enhance the skin barrier, cultivating the skin's natural strength in consideration of the skin ecosystem, making it healthy and beautiful.
Apply thickly at the last skincare step, avoiding the eyes and mouth area, then wash off with lukewarm water the following day.
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