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Derma Cube Vita Clinic Serum (50ml)

Derma Cube Vita Clinic Serum (50ml)

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(Expired: 2023 NOV 9)

Hydrate and brighten dull-looking skin with this serum!
• Forms a moisture barrier on the skin
• Fast absorbing
• Non-sticky
• Improves skin elasticity
• Strengthens the skin barrier

Vibrant skin!

Double function cosmetic for brightening and wrinkle improvement

It forms a moisturizing film, helps to keep the skin moist and creates vitality and elasticity by supplying nutrients to the skin with a fresh feeling without a greasy or sticky feeling.

Farmstay - Derma Cube Vita Clinic Serum - Ushops - Korea Skincare

POINT 01. Revitalize with vitamin complex!

Vibrant bright skin!

Contains vitamin complex, gives vitality, is hypoallergenic every day, and helps you have bright skin.

POINT 02. Moisture from the inside out!

Moisturizes all day without stickiness

The fresh, non-sticky formula is quickly absorbed and fills in moisture from the inside to form a moisturizing barrier, helping to keep the skin moist all day.

POINT 03. Strengthens skin's natural protective function!

Take care of your skin every day!

It provides intensive care for sensitive and weakened skin due to the external environment, providing abundant moisture and nutrition, strengthening the skin's natural protective function and helping make it healthy.

Recommended for

Those who want vital skin
Those who are looking for a serum with a refreshing feel without stickiness
Those who want moist skin


Complex Vitamins: Perfect when you want vibrant skin!

Vitamin E is a representative antioxidant, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and B5, which have a brightening effect, give vitality to the skin, and help to calm irritation and make your skin lively. 


After using toner, take an appropriate amount and apply gently all over the face.

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