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Farmstay Ceramide Damage Clinic Hair Filler (13ml x 10)

Farmstay Ceramide Damage Clinic Hair Filler (13ml x 10)

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Nourish your hair and scalp with this hair filler

  • For those with dry, damaged hair
  • Soothes irritated scalp
  • Restores the structure of damaged hair
  • Formulated with ceramide to strengthen hair
  • Moisturizes and protects the scalp


Ceramide Damage Clinic Hair Filler


A highly-concentrated ampoule provides full nourishment care to the hair and scalp


For damaged Hair and Scalp
Concentrated Ampoule Hair Pack for Intensive Hair Treatment
#Dual Protein  #Simple Home Care  #High Concentration Hair Pack

Are you satisfied with your hair care?


This at-home hair treatment can help to rescue your hair and scalp


Save money and time

For breakage, dryness and split ends with

Ceramide Damage Clinic Hair Filler

Aqua action formula that turns into a cream type when mixed with water

Easy and Convenient Home Care!

Nutrient-rich hair filler creates a moisturizing coating on wet hair

and scalp and provides protein to damaged hair and scalp,

increasing the effect and making the scent last longer!


Rescue your hair scalp with only one treatment


Aqua action formula that turns into a cream type when mixed with water! CeramideNP is a type of lipid and a natural component of hair found in the cuticle, the outermost layer that protects and provides strength to the hair shaft. Ceramide keeps the hair cuticle flat, helping to smooth hair, enhancing shine and allowing hair to endure wear and tear over time. In addition, it promotes elasticity and moisture retention and aids in strengthening hair.

The secret to elastic hair

Protein supply to hair and scalp

Hydrolyzed collagen for elastic hair and scalp

It enhances the scalp's structure and strength.

It helps deliver nutrition to hair.



Main ingredients of Derma Cube Vita Clinic Hair Filler

Dual protein loved your hair and scalp


Hydrolyzed silk gives shine to dry hair.

Hydrolyzed collagen supplies nutrition for a resilient scalp.

Dual protein increases the structure and strength of the scalp and nourishes the hair to the end!



Moisturized itchy scalp and pores from the inside out!


Menthol lowers the heat of the scalp and helps relieve itching. Salicylic Acid penetrates the pores of the scalp and dissolves sebum.

Panthenol with excellent moisturizing and soothing effects.





Easy and Convenient for anyone!


13ml per bottle, easy to control the amount. Rescue your hair in the shower after a busy day, by providing fresh protein to your hair. Bring a professional hair spa treatment to your home.



Ceramide Damage Clinic Hair Filler Provides nourishment from inside the hair cuticle.


When the ampoule meets with water, it generates mild heat and steam, which opens the hair cuticles and helps to absorb the highly concentrated nutrients, developing a fantastic effect!



Frequent dyeing / Discoloration / Perm Damaged and broken, cracked and stretched

You didn’t always cut it and grow it.

Soft and Healthy Hair Care!


Mix concentrated Vita Clinic Hair Filler Ampoule with cold water in a 1:1 ratio. It turns into a white cream formulation.



How To Use


  1. Mix water and hair filler in a 1:1 ratio and stir to mix well.
  2. Apply the cream-type filler to towel-dried hair. Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over the entire hair.
  3. Leave it for 10-15 mins and then with lukewarm water.


*You may apply it right away without mixing it with water, but mixing it as much as possible with water is effective. Be sure to mix with cold water. When mixed with hot water, it may not be creamy.



Recommended to these people:


Those who with brittle hair and are prone to static electricity
Those who have thin hair break quickly due to damaged ends
Those who are worried about dryness and tangles due to frequent dyeing and discoloration
Those who with damaged hair due to regular use of styling tools
Those who do not have time to go to professional care



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