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Farmstay Ceramide Firming Facial Cream (50ml)

Farmstay Ceramide Firming Facial Cream (50ml)

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Farmstay Ceramide Firming Facial Cream - Korea Day Cream - Ushops - Skincare

This highly concentrated face cream will help restore the oil-and-water balance of your skin.

  • Formulated with ceramide to strengthen the skin barrier
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin elasticity

Ceramide Firming Facial Essence for all-day vitality by replenishing nutrients

Ceramide, similar to our skin barrier, forms a moisture barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss in the skin and replenish nutrients to help keep the skin full of vitality all day long.

Farmstay Ceramide Firming Facial Cream - Korea Day Cream - Ushops - Skincare

POINT 01. Preserve the moisture in the skin

The main cause of a face that shows signs of aging is losing moisture. The ceramide component forms a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss and soften the skin texture.

POINT 02. Keeps skin texture lively everyday

When the skin barrier between skin cells is broken, moisture is easily taken away, and elasticity is quickly lost. Protect your skin's moisture and elasticity from harmful external environments with Farmstay Ceramide Firming Facial Cream.

POINT 03. Tight nutrition to prevent moisture loss.

It replenishes moisture to dry skin and increases skin density, helping to make the face line that has collapsed as if turning back time become elastic. Make your skin healthier and firmer.


  • Those who are concerned about losing skin elasticity
  • Those who are worried about rough skin
  • Those who want moist skin all-day


Ceramide NP

Ceramide is an EWG1-grade raw material and is friendly to water, skin and oil. It gives elasticity to the skin and hair and prevents further damage. It is very similar to the components of our skin barrier, forming a protective film on the skin, preventing moisture loss and protecting it from harmful external environments.


STEP 1: After using the emulsion, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the face

STEP 2: Apply gently and evenly according to the skin texture

STEP 3: After spreading, lightly press as if covering the face for absorption.

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