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Farmstay Escargot Daily Perfume Body Lotion (330ml)

Farmstay Escargot Daily Perfume Body Lotion (330ml)

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Farmstay Escargot Daily Perfume Body Lotion - Korea Korean Skincare Body care - Ushops

Keep your skin moist and smooth with this body lotion!
• Provides highly moisturizing care
• Contains snail mucus filtrate
• Forms a moisturizing film on the skin
• Soothes skin irritated by the external environment
• A mix of tuberose and honeysuckle scents

Body Moisturizing and Body Relaxation

Perfume Body Lotion

A highly moisturizing body lotion containing snail mucus filtrate gives deep moisture to dry skin and forms a moisture film to make the skin moist and smooth.

Farmstay Escargot Daily Perfume Body Lotion - Korea Korean Skincare Body care - Ushops

POINT 01. High-moisture Care

Natural ingredients that are non-irritating to the skin provide rich nutrition to the tired skin and make it moist all day long.

POINT 02. Natural moisturizing ingredients

It is a thin lotion type that contains natural moisturizing ingredients derived from palm fruit and soybean oil, which are gently absorbed into the skin to help make it lively without stickiness.

POINT 03. Soft and warm scent

It is a perfume body lotion that harmoniously harmonizes the neutral honeysuckle scent and the calm deep dip-type tuberose scent.


Those who need a body lotion for the whole family
Those who are looking for a mild product for dry and sensitive skin
Those who are concerned about flaky skin


Snail Mucus Filtrate

Snails in nature utilize mucus to protect themselves from the environment. It contains 'mucin", a significant component of snail mucus, to provide moisture and nutrition to rough and dry skin and form a barrier to make the skin elastic.

Glyceryl Stearate

Derived from coconut and soybean oil, it is a skin-friendly moisturizing ingredient that does not irritate the skin. Glyceryl stearate helps to maintain a moist and shiny skin texture by storing moisture and giving the skin a glow.


After showering, take an appropriate amount and gently massage over dry areas or the entire body.

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