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Farmstay Real Shea Butter Essence Mask 10-Piece Set

Farmstay Real Shea Butter Essence Mask 10-Piece Set

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Pamper your skin with this shea butter essence mask!

  • Formulated with shea butter to deliver deep moisture
  • Forms a moisture barrier over the skin
  • Drenched in essence full of plant-derived ingredients
  • Provides nourishment for smoother skin
  • Includes 10 sheets

Nourishing, moisturizing mask for smooth and shiny skin

Shea butter, rich in nutrients, forms a moisturizing film, replenishes dry skin with nutrients to make the skin soft and shiny, and helps keep it moist for a long time.

01. Contains Shea Butter Extract!

Smooth skin filled with moisture and nutrition

Supplying abundant moisture to the skin and maintaining its moisturizing power helps keep dry skin moist. Make your skin soft and smooth.

02. Provides a refreshing finish by gently and quickly absorbing the skin without irritation.

It can deliver the essence to the skin when it is quickly absorbed, and it provides a refreshing finish by controlling the balance of oil and moisture and supplying sufficient moisture to the skin.

03. Super Adhesive & Highly Moisturizing Mask Pack!

Tightly adhered nutrition supply

The mask sheet closely adheres to the curved part of the face, and the texture of the refreshing essence formula is absorbed into the skin without stickiness and provides nutrients to the skin, helping to make the skin soft and moist.

Recommended to 

  • Those who want to boost skin immunity
  • Those who want shiny skin.
  • Those who want a refreshing finish.
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