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Farmstay Tropical Fruits Hand Cream Mango & Shea Butter

Farmstay Tropical Fruits Hand Cream Mango & Shea Butter

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Deliver rich moisture to your hands with this hand cream.
• Contains mango fruit extract to soothe skin from inflammation
• Fast absorbing
• Long lasting
• Sweet, fruity aroma

Not only cares for the skin texture of the hands but also healthy nails.

Mango extract, rich in vitamins and carotene, nourishes the rough hands and penetrates without stickiness to keep the hands fresh and moist. Keep your hands soft and lively.

POINT 01. Fragrant fruity scent!

Sweet fruity hand cream

The sweet and refreshing fruity scent spreads softly and moisturizes the tips of your hands. As it is a highly moisturizing product, it moisturizes and adds a silvery scent to dry bodies such as elbows and knees.


Absorbs quickly without stickiness

We use our hands all day long. Do you need moisturizing but don't want it to be greasy and sticky? When applied by tapping, it quickly absorbs into the skin without stickiness. We care for you with moist and beautiful hands.

POINT 03. Moisturize beautiful hands anytime.

The hand cream should help care not only for the back of the hands but also for the palms and nails that dry easily. It nourishes rough hands and penetrates without stickiness to keep hands fresh and moist.


  • Those who need a non-sticky hand cream
  • Those who use their hands a lot in daily life
  • Whose dry hand needs moisture urgently


Vitamin Mango for Immunity

Mango is one of the most consumed fruit worldwide. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, also called the vitamin of immunity. In addition, mangoes are rich in minerals and vitamins that act as antioxidants. It is rich in vitamins C and A, which help improve skin troubles, make skin damaged by aging and UV rays healthy, and protect it from various skin inflammations.

Shea Butter - excellent for moisturizing.

It is a vegetable fat made by cold-pressing or solvent extraction from the seeds of the Shea tree, which is native to West and Central Africa. It is a mild ingredient used on the body and skin because it is absorbed well into the skin and has a light feeling of use.

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