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Farmstay Tropical Fruits Perfume Body Wash Avocado (750ml)

Farmstay Tropical Fruits Perfume Body Wash Avocado (750ml)

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You will feel fresh, clean, and moisturized by using this body wash!
• Contains avocado extract to nourish the skin
• Gently removes skin waste
• Moisturizes skin
• Fruity scent

Sweet Body Cleansing!

Subtle and pleasant fruity scent

Avocado fruit extract helps to moisturize the skin, provides nutrition to dry skin, has a soothing effect of making the skin moist and shiny, and gently removes skin wastes to keep the skin clean.

POINT 01. Moist and Soft Finish

The soft foam with no irritation to the skin and the moisturizing care ingredient makes the skin moist without tightness.

POINT 02. Natural ingredients

More than eight naturally derived ingredients packed in this body wash, such as Centella Asiatica, rhododendron root, and gold and green tea extract, help to soothe and moisturize the skin.

POINT 03. Refreshing Tropical Fruity Scent

The refreshing scent of fruity & avocado spreads softly helps to relax the body while showering.


  • Those with dry and sensitive skin
  • Those who are looking for a product that the whole family can use
  • Those who are concerned about flaky skin

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