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The Yufit

The YUFIT T: Laser LED Skin Rejuvenation Mask

The YUFIT T: Laser LED Skin Rejuvenation Mask

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Experience skin rejuvenation using T: Laser LED Skin Rejuvenation Mask for 9 minutes every day!
T: Laser improves melanin in the skin, helps to lighten pigmentation, improve dark circles and make your skin tone brighter. It boosts collagen production, improves
skin elasticity and helps reduce pore size, allowing you
to regain glowing, smooth, elastic, and youthful skin.
Improve the area of the secret After 4 weeks of use
Improve skin texture After 4 Weeks of use

19 improvements: Help improve…Butterfly zone skin tone,Skin-breaking moisture, Uniformity, Skin texture, Yellowness, Dark circles, Melanin in the butterfly zone, Butterfly zone transparency, Melanin under the eyes, Outer elasticity, The area of blemishes created in the butterfly zone, The brightness under the eyes, Resilience, The number of navy zone-generated blemishes, Skin tone under the eyes, Skin appearance
Improve skin shine, Melanin on the outer surface of the navy zone, Skin irritation
Light acting available to the human body
#Effect of 660nm on the skin
Light discovered by NASA Elastin helps to activate collagen
# Invisible gullibility
Ultraviolet light ages the skin and creates wrinkles. Before visible, it must be managed in advance.
# Glass LED Mask
The world’s first glass-shaped, easy, wrinkles design.
Systematic management without constraints.
19 Clinical results on blemishes, melanin, freckles and skin texture. Use 9 minutes every day for 4 weeks, and experience magical changes.
Easy to Use
LED under the eyes and on the tip of the base of the nose. Intensive care of the butterfly zone, not worn in the eyes.
The product left battery to fit - The enclosed battery in the hall Combines 2 Pieces.
Nose cover rubber photo and fit the product groove together combine.
Product Left Power – Adjust the switch to On. At least 9 minutes after power on use.

Butterfly Zone
Wide butterfly shape, which means a large area of the face sheep ball. Most of the trouble is with the skin area. More than 80% of the population is dense and clean butterfly zone. It is an essential element of the face while looking young.

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