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Illuminated Erasable LED Message Board (3 Size)

Illuminated Erasable LED Message Board (3 Size)

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The Uniquan Rewriteable LED Message Board features a glowing neon notice sign with over 9 different flashing display styles. Just attach to chain, hang on your wall, plug in, and use the button to maneuver between flashing functions. Guide customers towards your promotional pricing or upcoming events using any colored marker pens. Prior to use, please shake markers while capped to keep from damaging clothing. Also includes hanging chain, power adapter, erasing towel, and user manual.

High-Quality Material

The LED board features black aluminum construction and acrylic material with a large writing area, making it perfect for unlimited creative choices.

Versatile Use

 The board is suitable not only for children's toys but also for commercial shows, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets, events, conference memos, office notes, and special promotions. Teachers can also use it as a good teaching tool.


Attractive and Colorful Display  

The LED board has good light transmission and 9 different flashing display styles that can attract customers' attention. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking.


Lightweight and Durable Design

The LED board has a lightweight and sturdy design that makes it easy to transport and set up virtually anywhere. It is perfect as a gift for your friends and can be hung horizontally or vertically. The board is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, durable, and long-lasting.

Easy to Use and Write On

The LED board requires no assembly and comes ready to use right out of the box. You can write on it with the bonus 3 colors fluorescent pens and wipe it off with a cloth. The board features the latest LED technology, making it easy to write on and erase with a neon light effect that is perfect for advertising your shop's products.



This panel can be used for all sorts of messaging, e.g. in bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.

LED hand writing board for hanging

* This message board can not be used outdoors and/or under wet and dirty conditions.* It is strictly prohibited to dismantle it, and if done so, it will automatically invalidate the warranty.
*The use of non-powder marker pens is also prohibited. The special pen required for writing comes included.
* It is also prohibited to use harsh or corrosive chemical liquids to erase writing on the board. The cloth provided is the best material.

*Carefully unpack and take out the writing board
*Attach the supplied metal chain to the D-rings.
*Position the board near a power point and connect only with the supplied power
* Plugin on the left side of the header light bar. Push the on/off switch on the top
right corner and the message board will start to operate.
* The colour changing operates as follows: switch on - white - aqua - purple - blue-yellow - green - red - switch off. The colours will change automatically.
* To enable the colours to operate continuously in a loop, you must press the switch to“on” and let the lights pass through the colour-changing series once, until the light goes off. Then when you turn on the switch again, the coloured lights will operate automatically and continuously in a loop.
* If you press the switch on any light, it will then stay on continuously on the chosen light colour.
* To enable the lights to operate continuously in a loop again, repeat the previous procedure.

*Power adapter:
Input AC 230V/50Hz
Output DC12V/500MA
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