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Combatting Hard Water Hair Loss with Hair Fillers

Combatting Hard Water Hair Loss with Hair Fillers - UShops

We all know how important it is to maintain our hair and prevent it from falling out. Sadly, hard water can cause your hair to thin out and you might be wondering what the solution is. Hard water consists of calcium and magnesium, both of which make it difficult for conditioners, shampoos, treatments, and other products that you use in your haircare routine to penetrate the strands properly. This means that these essential elements are not able to nourish your scalp as needed leading to excessive shedding and thinning.


Luckily, there is a way to combat this problem - Hair Filler! Hair filler helps combat dryness by improving moisture retention on the scalp while simultaneously blocking out the harsh minerals of hard water from stripping away vital nutrients from your hair. Over time this can help with maintaining healthy strands and reduce breakage resulting from mineral build-up. Additionally, many modern hair fillers provide a protective barrier around each strand which prevents UV ray damage caused by direct sunlight exposure or environmental pollutant buildup such as dirt and dust.


Perhaps most importantly, hair filler products can reduce the damaging effects of hard water on the scalp by locking in natural oils that aid in keeping moisture levels high thus helping with scalp issues such as flaky skin or dermatitis. These products also help create a smoother surface which makes detangling easier without causing too much strain on delicate strands.


If you wish to get maximum results when using a hair filler product then we recommend pairing them with treatments specifically formulated for hard water conditions like a clarifying shampoo or an intense deep conditioning mask once per week. Doing so regularly will significantly help strengthen weak strands while providing overall nutrients for longer lasting hydration for healthier looking tresses.


In conclusion, getting familiar with how hard water affects your locks and investing in quality hair filler products can go a long way in terms of restoring your mane back to its full glory no matter what type of water you have at home!



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