About Us

BeautySquare Korea 

UShops, also known as UniQuanShop, was established in 2017 to import and distribute the best of Korean medical beauty supplies. We serve both B2B and B2C markets, carrying beauty-related housewares and trendy skincare products. Our mission is to directly supply the latest and best professional quality Korean beauty products to Canadian consumers and businesses.


Who are we?

As one of the top K-beauty & Korean Skincare beauty suppliers, Ushops, also known as UniQuanShop has been offering the best collection of Korean beauty products, since 2017. Ushops is a B2B and B2C company, operating in Canada, importing and distributing a large collection of trendy K-beauty skincare products to all Canadian consumers.


Our Team

Ushops is run by an unique team, composed of professional and talented individuals with one goal. The ultimate goal of our team is to reach all customers around Canada and provide consumers and businesses—related to beauty & cosmetics, with high-quality and latest Korean beauty products.