Dermabell plays a key role in the development of the cosmetics industry and dermatological research. As a leading cosmetics company of the new century, Dermabell has developed products based on the SKIN CARE concept, addressing consumers' concerns about their skin, instead of simply offering skincare products for basic skin care like existing high-performance products and medical aesthetics departments.

Dermabell Luxury Gel Modeling Mask - Hydro Jelly Mask is an essential hydro-boosting product to use at the final stage of skincare, providing a continuous soothing and cooling effect. It contains enough vital natural ingredients to provide intensive moisture and nutrition to the skin while forming a moisturizing film to prevent moisture loss.

Each Dermabell Hydro Jelly Mask included:

Agent 1 (1,000ml) x1, Agent 2 (100g) x1,
50ml Spoon x1, 5ml Spoon x1, Spatula x1, Mixing Bowl x1
How To Use:
1. Take 50 ml of Agent 1 (1large spoon) and 5g of Agent 2 (1 small spoon) and put them in a mixing bowl.
2. After mixing (about 30 seconds) using a spatula, apply evenly to the area to be used.
3. After about 20 minutes, remove the solidified modelling pack



 How To Use