What is a Korean Face Mask?

Korean face masks or also simply known as sheet masks are usually single-use cotton or gel pads. Typically, these sheets are soaked in or infused with some essential active ingredients that maintain radiant, glowing and glass skin. Korean face mask sheets are mostly designed as a full-face pad suited to all face shapes and sizes. The effective active ingredients infused into the pads and the quick refreshing and radiating effects make Korean face masks more popular.

What are the Differences Between Face Mask Sheets & Face Mask Gel?  

There are two common types of Korean face masks, these are regular face mask sheets and face mask gel. To give you a simple explanation, the main difference between the two is the type of sheet that is being used. 

Regular Face Mask Sheet

The most commonly used face mask is the regular one, made of cotton, paper or bamboo pads that are usually soaked in serums. They are more popular than Gel masks because of their cheaper prices. Before applying it to your face you have to unfold it first, align it on your face and massage it to your face to get all the excess serum. These sheets will usually dry up when your skin already absorbed all the beauty serum. Unlike HyroGel masks it does not offer a cooling effect.

HydroGel Face Mask 

A hydrogel mask is a more water-dense version of the face mask that is infused with beauty serums with gelatin, creating a thicker and jelly-like texture. The thicker gel material holds more hydration, providing better moisture to the skin. Unlike the regular face mask sheets, it does not drip when you remove it inside the packaging, as the beauty serums are not soaked in their pads. It usually has two parts, the top and bottom parts. The top part is a cotton or gel texture and the bottom is the sticky portion that sticks to your face.  

What are the Benefits of Applying a Face Mask Sheet and Mask Gel? 

Applying the best Korean face mask sheets to your face offers numerous benefits to your skin. Here are some of the perks that you can enjoy when regularly using K-beauty face masks: 

Better Skin Hydration

The top benefit of the K-beauty face mask sheet is it maintains your face hydrated and moisturized. The active beauty serum soaked in or infused with the masks is being absorbed by the skin and softens and enhances skin elasticity. 

Glowing & Younger Looking Skin

The rich nutrients and active ingredients in each face mask sheet contribute to more glowing and radiant skin. It also naturally adds collagen to your skin that helps in rejuvenating the skin, making it tighter and firmer.

Avoid Clogged Pores

As you age, your skin regenerates and the dead skin cells are being created. The dead skin cells, excess oil and other dirt on your face usually cause clogged pores. K-beauty face masks naturally cleanse your face and remove all the unwanted dirt and dead skin cells. 

Promotes Even Skin Tone

Face mask sheets help you get rid of the uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation caused by too much exposure to some chemicals from other beauty products. 

Do Face Mask Sheets/Gel Actually Work?

Just like other cosmetic products, using face mask sheets/gel will only work well if you are using it regularly. Using it every day helps in boosting your skin’s hydration levels. Placing the mask on your face for a certain period gives your face more moisture and allows all beauty ingredients to penetrate into the skin. Achieving a more healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin.

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