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Farmstay 24K Gold & Peptide Solution Prime Ampoule (250ml)

Farmstay 24K Gold & Peptide Solution Prime Ampoule (250ml)

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Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this ampoule.
• Fights skin-aging effects
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
• Brightens skin with niacinamide
• Formulated with royal jelly extract to lock moisture in the skin
• Improves skin elasticity

Intensive skincare for troubled areas!
A large-capacity ampoule containing 24K gold ingredient, which is excellent for skin purification and removal of wastes from the skin, and a peptide with good skin affinity, it has a fantastic skin soothing effect. In addition, it helps to balance oil and moisture without stickiness.
POINT 01. Highly concentrated intensive skincare
Highly concentrated nutrients are quickly absorbed and provide clear and clean skin texture.
POINT 02. Absorbs quickly without stickiness
It is a liquid-type ampoule close to water, and it is possible to care for a large area with a small amount. When applied by tapping, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps to make the skin full of vitality without stickiness.
From face to body, generously care for troubled areas. 250ml capacity, enough to use. Don't spare it, and give your skin plenty of nutrition!

Those who are concerned about the waste products in the skin
Those who want a clear and nourished skin
Those who are looking for a non-sticky, refreshing ampoule
Pure gold to help soothe and relieve the skin

Power to your skin cells!
Gold helps to revitalize the skin by soothing and relieving damaged and sensitive skin to external stimuli and promoting circulation.
STEP 1: Use the included spoon to take an appropriate amount of the product.
STEP 2: At the last skincare step, gently apply the product over your face.
STEP 3: Gently pat to allow the product to be absorbed into the skin.
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