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Farmstay Black Garlic Nourishing Shampoo (530ml)

Farmstay Black Garlic Nourishing Shampoo (530ml)

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Nourish your hair and scalp with this shampoo!
• Improves scalp circulation
• Keeps hair follicles strong
• Helps hair grow thick and healthy
• Removes reactive oxygen from the scalp
• Made with fermented raw ingredients

Grow strong hair with a healthy scalp

If the scalp is healthy, the hair grows abundantly and healthy. Black garlic helps to take care of the hair roots by removing active oxygen in the scalp and improving the fatigue of the scalp. Make your hair shiny with solid roots.

POINT 01. Improving scalp blood circulation

Black garlic extract removes active oxygen in the scalp.

It promotes blood circulation in the scalp and provides health care for dust, dandruff, and sensitive scalp. It also nourishes the scalp to keep the hair root strong and helps the hair grow thick and healthy.

POINT 02. Garlic Smell Shampoo? No!

Are you worried about the garlic smell from black garlic shampoo? Do not worry! Manufactured from fermented ingredients, it does not smell of garlic.

POINT 03. Strong roots! Rich hair.

"When I wash my hair, when I comb my hair, a handful of them fall out."

Are you upset by the look of your hair? If you take good care of your hair roots, you can reduce hair loss and make your hair shiny and abundant.


  • Those who care about scalp health
  • Those who are concerned about thinning hair
  • Those who are worried about hair loss

Main Ingredient

Black Garlic

Black garlic is made by fermenting garlic, one of the top 10 foods in the world. It contains large amounts of s-allyl cysteine, allicin selenium, and various amino acids not found in raw garlic, so it has excellent anti-wrinkle effects. Also, the allicin component in black garlic activates various cells and helps blood circulation.


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