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Farmstay Cica Farm Acne Foam Cleanser (180ml)

Farmstay Cica Farm Acne Foam Cleanser (180ml)

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CICA-COMPLEX with soft foam soothes and cleans Acne-prone skin all at once

Lift dirt and dead skin cells with this cleanser!


  • A cleansing foam that effectively removes dead skin cells and skin impurities.
  • Formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe irritated skin. 
  • Infused with different herbal and botanical extracts to control excess sebum production.
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin. 


    Recurring skin problems that are not easy to solve

    What is the problem with sensitive acne-prone skin?

    The problem is that waste, dead skin cells, and makeup residue from improper cleaning can clog pores and prevent sebum from discharging, causing inflammation.

    Clean and healthy skin starts with cleansing.

    Maintains the oil and moisture necessary for skin with excess sebum.
    Clean waste with a rich foamy ACNE skin relief cleanser.

    Cica Farm Acne Foam Cleanser

    Acne Skin Care Solution

    3-Complex effective for skin soothing and moisturizing

    Centella Asiatica extract, plant-derived extract and herbal extract, which are effective in soothing and moisturizing the skin, make the skin moist, clean and healthy!

    Dust, waste and sebum OUT

    Moisture FILL UP with plant-derived ingredients

    POINT 1

    5-CICA COMPLEX - Skin trouble soothing care

    Centella Asiatica extract (10,087 ppm) helps skin stress care.
    Madecasic acid, Asiaticoside, Asiatic acid, and tea tree extract help soothe irritated and sensitive skin.
    Soft and creamy foam removes wastes and sebum in the pores without leaving marks!
    Fill with moisture!

    # soothing # exfoliation # acne relief # sebum removal # pore reduction

    POINT 2

    Deep cleansing with natural ingredients

    Contains herbal complex and plant extracts that are effective in moisturizing the skin to calm the skin and relieve excess seretion.
    Controls excess sebum to balance oil and moisture.
    Fresh and smooth skin with tightness!

    POINT 3

    Contains salicylic acid, a key functional ingredient

    Functional cosmetic to relieve acne-prone skin

    Contains Salicylic Acid, which is effective for acne. Take care of old dead skin cells, wastes, and sebum, and keep your pores cleaner.

    5 point you must check for deep cleansing!

    • Keratin/waste care
    • Excess sebum care
    • blackhead care
    • oil and moisture balance
    • fresh finish  


    Soft and creamy formula that washes well with water to create rich foam and dense cleansing particles.


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