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Farmstay Cica Farm Regenerating Solution Emulsion (200ml)

Farmstay Cica Farm Regenerating Solution Emulsion (200ml)

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Boost hydration and soothe irritated skin with this emulsion!
• Contains Centella Asiatica extract to soothe skin
• Strengthens the skin barrier with panthenol
• Maintains water and oil balance
• Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
• Brightens skin


Give your skin a break by balancing oil and water

Brightening & Wrinkle improvement
The emulsion, oil in water type, with Centella Asiatica and Panthenol makes skin smooth and helps to calm and hydrate skin.




Oil in water type emulsion

The emulsion which has a watery cream texture applies smoothly like an essence. Oil in water helps to make skin smooth and flawless.


Calming effect with Centella Asiatica and Panthenol

Centella Asiatica helps to calm sensitive and strengthen skin barrier.


Clear and Elastic Skin!

Daily skincare routine, make your skin clean and elastic with brightening & wrinkle improvement cosmetics.


For those who wish to have a firm skin.

For those who are concerned with sensitive skin.

For those who are concerned with skin that dries fast.



Main Ingredient – Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica can be seen in many fields. As you might guess from the adage that tigers rub their bodies against a field full of plants to heal their injuries, this plant is effective in treating dermatological problems. Centella Asiatica contains in its leaves and stems a component called madecassol, which is superior in healing wounds and strengthening the skin barrier.




Take a proper amount of product and apply it after using serum.



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