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Farmstay Daily Lip Sleeping Mask Red Propolis

Farmstay Daily Lip Sleeping Mask Red Propolis

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Get rid of chapped lips when you have this lip sleeping mask!
• Can be used as a daily lip balm or at night
• Strengthens the skin barrier
• Leaves a hydrating yet light finish
• Formulated with shorea robusta seed butter to soften the lips

Daily Lip Sleeping Mask for Moisturizing

Lips Keratin Care While Sleeping

  • Dry lips care
  • Lip balm by day lip mask at night
  • Intensive lip nutrition care

Daily lip problems: Red Propolis

Everyday Lip Sleeping Mask 4 Points!

POINT 01.Smooth and moist lips while sleeping

Care for dead skin cells overnight with moisture and nutrition

POINT 02. Propolis & Natural Extracts

Take care of your health without any burden, even if you use it every day

POINT 03. Nourishing Lip Care & Melting Texture

Moisturize both day and night with a soft texture

POINT 04. Easy to use with a dedicated brush

Clean and hygienic with a dedicated brush

Keratin OUT & moisturizing/nourishing care for rough lip while sleeping


"Even if I apply lip balm, I get dead skin cells."
"Even if I apply lip balm frequently, it is dry."
"I can't apply lipstick because of the dead skin cells."
"It hurts every day from the habit of biting my lip."

How much do you know about lips?

Our lips are different from other parts. Because there are no sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and due to the weak epidermal layer, it dries faster than other areas. It is easily affected by changes in the external environment, so our lips are a vulnerable area for dead skin cells.

POINT 01. Care for smooth and moist lips while sleeping

If you apply it thickly to the lips before going to sleep, it adheres full of nutrients and puts dead skin cells to sleep. The following day, moist and soft glassy lips.

POINT 02. Propolis Extract & Naturally Derived Extract

A sleeping mask full of nutrients and propolis extract contains Shea Butter, Sarasu Seed Butter, and Safflower Seed Oil, the ultimate skin soothing agent

POINT 03. Nourishing Lip Care & Melting Texture

Nourishing lip care contains 17 amino acids to provide high-quality nutrition to the skin and moisture the thin stratum corneum of the lips. A lip mask perfectly adheres to the lips and moisturizes dry lips for a long time.

POINT 04. Easy to use with a dedicated brush

More hygienic and convenient with a dedicated brush and brush case


A firm essence balm formula is gently absorbed into the lips and provides deep moisture.


  • Take an appropriate amount with the dedicated brush and place it on the lips.
  • Apply thickly on the lips and spread evenly.
  • Apply generously on the lips, and feel your moist and smooth lips when you wake up.
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