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Farmstay Dr. V8 Vitamin Ampoule (250ml)

Farmstay Dr. V8 Vitamin Ampoule (250ml)

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Farmstay Dr. V8 Vitamin Ampoule - Korea Korean Skincare Serum - Ushops

Create healthy and vibrant skin with this vitamin ampoule.
• Fights skin-aging effects
• Rejuvenates dull-looking skin
• Relieves skin damaged caused by UV rays
• Soothes dry skin

Vitamin capsules are full of nutrients!

Clear and resilient!

Vitamin complex such as C, E, B5, and B3 gives vitality to the skin.
It is a high-capacity, all-in-one ampoule that can use instead of ampoule, lotion, and essence. So if you want vibrant skin, fully load it with vitamins directly on the skin.

Farmstay Dr. V8 Vitamin Ampoule B3 B5 E- Korea Korean Skincare Serum - Ushops

POINT 01. Full of vitality! Light your skin!

Vitamin ingredients penetrate deep into your skin to make your skin clear and lively from the inside out. Helps to improve the skin condition by alleviating skin damage caused by UV rays and dryness and promoting the circulation of the skin cycle.

POINT 02. Absorbs quickly and without stickiness!

It is a liquid ampoule close to the water and uses a small amount.
It is possible to care for a wide area. Tap it to quickly absorb into the skin, leaving the skin full of vitality without stickiness.

POINT 03. Highly concentrated all-in-one intensive skincare.

If you feel dry and are busy and do not have time to do a skin routine, you can replace it with skin+lotion+ampoule all at once. Using the all-in-one ampoule forms a moisturizing film with a small amount that keeps the skin moist and clear all day long.

Recommended for

  • For those who want lively skin
  • For those who are concerned about dull skin
  • For those who are looking for a non-sticky cream or ampoule



Vitamin E, a representative antioxidant, and vitamin C and vitamin B3 and B5 with whitening effect, revitalize the skin and help soothe irritation. You can even expect complementary interactions, so you can get help to make your skin lively.


STEP1: Use the included spoon to take an appropriate amount of the ampoule

STEP2: At the last skincare step, gently apply the product all over your face.

STEP3: Gently pat the product to be absorbed into the skin.



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