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DUFT&DOFT lest the universe forgets you.
Even if you leave the place, the scent stays for a long time and leaves a lasting impression.
The memories and experiences of those moments are woven into special life stories.
The scent lingers longer than you.
DUFT&DOFT thinks differently from others and discovers unique scents.
So that all of your moments that will unfold in the world will be left as the best scenes in your life.
We focus and research on creating scents and novelties for you.
To provide a new and pleasant experience in everyday life, DUFT&DOFT creates a "Social Scent Studio" for you.
  • Perilla - For Problematic Skin

    # Soothing & moisturizing # Strenthening # Restoration

    Perilla Modeling Mask contains botanical extracts such as perilla leaf, basil leaf, tea tree leaf and Centella Asiatica to help soothe, restore and strengthen the defences of problematic skin to make skin healthy.

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  • Rose - For Dull Skin

    #SkinToneUp #Moisturizing #Cooling & soothing

    It contains extracts such as rose, mulberry bark, goji berry, and niacinamide to supply moisture and nutrition, improve skin texture, relieve pigmentation, and brighten the skin from the inside out.

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  • Propolis - For Aging Skin

    # NourishingΒ &Moisturizing # Anti-acne # Strengthening # Anti-aging

    Propolis Gel Mask formulated with Jeju buckwheat honey, royal jelly, and green propolis provides moisture and nutrition to the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and helps to prevent aging, making the skin moist and smooth.

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