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Farmstay Cica Farm Daily Calming Mask (30 Sheets)

Farmstay Cica Farm Daily Calming Mask (30 Sheets)

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Farmstay CICA Farm Daily Calming Mask 350g (30 sheets)

With rich nutrition of CICA & hyaluronic acid. Quick and easy soothing moisturizing care every day!

- CICA & Hyaluronic acid

- Quick soothing care for tired and dry skin.

- Use a sheet of a mask on the face daily!


- 1 sheet per day


Use the pact conveniently in the morning and at night. Easy Quick Mask!

The bulk-size daily mask cares for skin conveniently by reducing skincare steps for busy daily life.


Moisture layering care with moist water essence.

The full or water essence delivers moist moisture to dry skin and makes skin clear and lively.


Keeps oil and moisture balance of skin and moisturizing & soothing care!

Because it contains VT’s exclusive material, it helps with moisturizing & soothing care and makes skin comfortable by caring oil and moisture balance of the skin.

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