Collection: Hair/Body/hand

Self-love does not end with following meticulous Korean facial skincare but rather taking care of your whole body. So, you should also familiarize yourself with Korean hair, body and hands regimens to achieve more healthy-young-looking body features. 

K-beauty hair, body, and hand regimens usually vary in formulation and usage. But, each product shares the same purpose—to take care of your body. If you have not found the best Korean hair, body, and hand products yet, you might consider checking the wide product selection only here at Ushops!

Korean Hair Essentials

Hair Growth Serum

K-Beauty Hair growth serum is used to grow hair faster and enhance the overall health of your hair from within. The serum usually comes in a liquid formulation with 100% natural ingredients such as argan oil, biotin, aloe vera, tea tree, vitamin E etc. 

Korean hair growth serum is safe to use and has proven gentle and healthy for hair follicles and the scalp. Also, the containing active ingredients prevent hair loss while forming a protective layer on your hair strands and nurturing new hair follicles. 

Hair Mask

Aside from applying shampoo and conditioner, applying hair masks is also one of the crucial Korean hair-care routines. Korean hair masks or wraps are usually easy and only applied to hair once a week. The hair sheet mask contains vitamins and essential oils that are easily absorbed by the hair, nourishing your scalp and hair follicles. Two of the popular ingredients of K-beauty hair masks are argan oil and pumpkin seed oil because of their repairing effects. 

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Most Korean Shampoo and Conditioner products contain effective and natural ingredients. Typically, the active ingredients allow gentle cleansing of scalp and hair strands and maintain healthy hair. Usually, these hair products are formulated to resolve common hair issues such as dryness, frizziness, dullness and dandruff. 

Hair Essence

Face essence is not the only thing that you should take into consideration. You also have to use hair essences to achieve healthy and beautiful hair strands. Generally, hair essence has a thin consistency, just like plain water, so they penetrate deep into your hair follicles immediately. Its main purpose is to give your hair enough moisture to revitalize and resolve hair damage and frizziness. Aside from that, applying this product can reduce hair fall, leaving you thicker and healthier hair.

Korean Body Essentials

Body Wash

Korean body wash uses the same cleansing mechanism to wash away accumulated dirt on your body skin. The real catch is that these products are infused with a proper mixture of ingredients essential for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. The body wash comes in liquid and solid soap formulations. But both variations help in resolving skin conditions like dryness, skin flaking, and many more. 

Body Exfoliators

Body skin also needs to be exfoliated twice or thrice a week to wash away toxins and dead skin cells. Aside from that, these products also lighten your skin, reduce water weight and cellulite and improve blood circulation. Body exfoliators usually come in loofah sponges, scrubs and brushes.

Body Lotions

K-Beauty body lotions are formulated as thick, smooth and liquid solutions used to nurture your skin. These products contain harsh-free and natural ingredients that moisturize, brighten and soften the skin. It also offers a more even complexion. Korean body lotions also contain a higher percentage of water–oily droplets blended in water. So, they appear to be lightweight, non-greasy, and can easily penetrate deep into the skin.