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DERMABELL Hydro Jelly Mask - Royal Rose Modeling Pack

DERMABELL Hydro Jelly Mask - Royal Rose Modeling Pack

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DERMABELL Hydro Jelly Mask - Luxury Royal Modeling Pack is a premium Gel Modeling Mask originally developed for Korea's top spas and skin management centers. This innovative mask conforms seamlessly to the natural texture and contours of the skin, providing exceptional cooling and soothing effects while continuously infusing the skin with moisture and nutrients. It is especially effective after harsh treatments such as extractions, laser, peeling, or waxing, as it aids in healing and alleviates skin irritation.

To make this premium skincare experience accessible to everyone, DERMABELL has included precise tools in each product kit and formulated the texture of the Gel Modeling Mask to be easy to use. With a proper setting time, abundant essence, and long-lasting cooling effects, the DERMABELL Gel Modeling Mask is a perfect addition to your home skincare routine.

Upgrade your skincare routine with DERMABELL Gel Modeling Mask, and indulge yourself with professional-level results in your home.

What makes it unique?

Point 1: Customized Mask

This innovative mask differs from traditional fixed-form mask paper as it conforms seamlessly to the natural texture and contours of the skin.

Point 2: Solidification And Gel Modeling

Following the mixing of step 1 gel and step 2 powder, the mask material changes from a gel state to a solid state, which allows it to adhere and mold to the natural texture and contours of the skin. This results in a better fit and coverage and can improve the mask's effectiveness by allowing the ingredients to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Point 3: Continuous Cooling Effect

The state change process triggers a cooling reaction that reduces the skin's temperature and produces a refreshing and cooling effect.

Improved cooling  sensation: Patented ingredient Soothing Cooler®

Our product contains a proprietary blend of plant monosaccharides, phyto-mucosaccharides. These are derived from the roots of aloe vera leaves, kelp, Japanese yams, spring elms, and Northeast Viiolas. Through a Sol-Gel reaction, our unique blend forms the Soothing Cooler ®, effectively reducing skin heat and providing a refreshing sensation. The patented anti-aging formula contains an extract of natural plant blends that regulates the thermal sensation of the skin and inhibits thermal aging. This scientifically-proven formulation helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin, promoting youthful-looking skin.

* In Sol-Gel reactions, the state of the reaction can be altered by external factors such as temperature, pressure, and pH.

The Soothing Cooler® absorbs and Dissipates heat

The Soothing Cooler® is formulated with phyto-mucosaccharide in a gel form that enables it to absorb and discharge heat from the skin. When applied, it absorbs the body's heat and transforms into a Sol state, dissipating it before returning to the Gel state. This process is continuously repeated to provide long-lasting relief and comfort for the skin.

Point 4: Sustainable Nutrition

During the state change process, the mask releases its contained essence, providing sustained nutrition to the skin. The essence is typically released within 5 to 8 minutes, with the maximum at around 13 minutes.

Point 5: Non-drying Mask

The gel not only creates a mask with excellent water-retaining properties, which helps to prevent moisture from evaporating but also gently presses the skin with a weight of 55g to ensure gradual penetration of the essence into the skin.

Point 6: Excellent Adhesion

The mask's tight adherence to the skin enhances its ability to absorb moisture and nutrients, resulting in improved nourishment and hydration of the skin.

Point 7: Skin-friendly Ingredients

1) Free from 26 allergenic ingredients

2) Free from 20 different types of ingredients that are recommended to avoid.

3) No parabens added

4) No mineral oil is added

5) No SLS/SLES is added

6) No artificial fragrances are added

7) No silica gel is added

*Use safe sodium alginate and cellulose glue instead of silica gel

EWG content (* Contains non-graded ingredients.)        

Step 1 Gel : 99.650% 

Step 2 Powder: 96.590%

For dull skin

#Brightening #Moisturizing #Cooling & calming

The product contains various extracts, including rose from Provence, mulberry bark, wolfberry, and niacinamide. This whitening ingredient is certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration. This potent combination of ingredients works together to relieve pigmentation, brighten the skin tone, and supply essential moisture and nutrients for brighter and more radiant skin from the inside out.

Rose from Provence is essential for purifying, brightening, hydrating, and improving rough skin texture. Its natural properties soothe, nourish, and leave skin soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

There is no need for water, with the 1st agent in gel form and the 2nd agent in powder form; it forms a smooth and fluid formulation, providing excellent spreadability, adhesion and a moist and soft feeling.


  1. Put 50 ml of Agent 1 (1 large spoon) and 5g of Agent 2 (1 small spoon) in a mixing bowl.
  2. After mixing (about 30 seconds) using a spatula, apply evenly to the area to be used.
  3. After about 20 minutes, remove the solidified modelling pack.
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