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DUFT&DOFT Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist (150ml)

DUFT&DOFT Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist (150ml)

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Why we love it

  • Provides a long-lasting fragrance
  • Handy and can be used anytime, anywhere to freshen up hair and skin
  • Offers quick hydration and soothes skin

Hydrate your body with Duft & Doft's Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist for a refreshing experience anytime, anywhere.

Spritz the light mist all over for a delicate scent that is subtle but long-lasting. Enriched with green tea and mineral water to keep your skin and hair moist and hydrated. In travel size for all-day freshness!

"Uplift your senses with Fine Fragrance Hair & Body Mist."

Contains Green Tea, Mineral Water, and Agave.

Agave Contains minerals and nutrients for healthier skin.

Oxygenated Water Helps with hydration and delivers nutrients deep inside the skin for improved transparency.

Green Tea Contains more Vitamin C than a lemon to help boost skin vitality. Suitable for even sensitive skin types.

Mineral Water  Full of minerals to help calm the skin and maintain hydration balance.

Free of benzophenone, synthetic dye, mineral oils, petrolatum, and synthetic surfactants.

Volume 150 ml / 5.3 fl. oz. 

Discover your favorite hair & body mist fragrance! 
"My own special fragrance"
Long-lasting fragrance keeps you in good mood throughout the day! 


Long-lasting fragrance as a eau de  toilette perfume


Enjoy the fragrance whenever you need it


Style yourself from head to toe with the delicate fragrance


Quick & light moisturization with Green tea and mineral water


✓ you want to enjoy a light fragrance even on an undecorated day ... 

✓ you want to create a pleasant scent after smoking or eating ...

✓ you are concerned about uncomfortable odors on sensitive days ...

✓ you need a soft product that is good to use as a substitute for perfume ...

✓ you are concerned about body odor after exercise or sweating ...

✓ after taking a bath, you want to enjoy light moisturizing and fragrance ...

✓ you need a subtle Jambu fragrance  item before going to sleep 


6 Scents

01 Pink Breeze 

Lovely Frangrance of Peach and Pink Peony

02 Sophy Soapy 

Sophisticated Fragrance of Soap and Frosted Orchid

03 Baby Soapy

A cheerful and dainty fragrance of Tibet rose and fresh soap

04 Angel's Cotton 

A warm and soft blend of cotton flowers and white snow 

05 Scan Dilicious 

A delight fragrance of raspberry and vanilla 

06 Sunshine Mandarin 

A refreshing scent of fresh mandarin and vetiver

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