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DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Body Spray (200ml)

DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Body Spray (200ml)

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200 ML / 7.0 fl.oz.


DUFT&DOFT Body Spray - Hazy Green

DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Body Spray (200ml) - Smells Good body spray - Korean body spray - Ushops
Spicy Aromatic - makes a vibrant tang first impression and then surrounds you like the mystique of woods.

1. Anti-Stink Complex

- Unpleasant odour care with naturally derived deodorant ingredients.
Naturally derived deodorant ingredient ANTI-STINK COMPLEX. It takes care of unpleasant odours and makes the fragrance more.


2. Long Lasting Teach

- Reinforcement of fragrance by coating fragrance capsules.
By applying LONG LASTING TECHNOLOGY that coats fragrance capsules, the fragrance is delivered intact to the skin with out being dispersed in the air.


3. Safe formulation with low irritation

- Skin irritation stability evaluation result of skin reactivity is 0.00.
Results of human application test for stability evaluation, skin reactivity is 0.00.



DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Body Spray (200ml) - Smells Good body spray - Korean body spray - Ushops

Recommended For:

✓ Those who need a pure fragrance, like clothes worn for the first time after washing.
✓ Those who want to get rid of the smell of sweat after outdoor activity.
✓ Those who are uncomfortable with the strong scent of perfume.


Why we love it:

It has an anti-stink complex which kills odour-causing bacteria, neutralizing bacteria before it interacts with sweat and reducing the amount of body odour. With long-lasting technology for a fragrance that lasts all-day.


DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Body Spray (200ml) - Smells Good body spray - Korean body spray - Ushops

Featured ingredients:

Fennel Seed Extract: With cooling and soothing properties
Lime Extract: Protects your skin from infections while rejuvenating it
Grapefruit Extract: Contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.
DUFT&DOFT Fragrance Body Spray is designed for you to smell good every single day. Various scents make it suitable for light daily use to have a perfume boost. Formulated with natural ingredients that feature Odor Molecule Blockade Technology that stuns the growth of body odour. The scent has a long-lasting, delightful fragrance that is clinically proven non-irritating.

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