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DUFT&DOFT Keratin Perfumed Hair Essence (100ml)

DUFT&DOFT Keratin Perfumed Hair Essence (100ml)

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100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.

About this item

  • SCENTED VOLUMIZING SERUM FOR HAIR: Give your strands the nourishment they need with Duft&Doft White Floral Scented hair essence. The slightly sweet and soft floral scent of the lily of the valley will remind you of happy memories on breezy, warm spring days, while the nourishing nutrients will make you look fuller, softer, and lustrous.
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED FRAGRANCE: Duft&Doft anti-frizz serum contains the top note of Lily of the Valley, the middle notes of White Floral, and a base note of Ozonic. This blend of soothing aromas is sourced from nature and does not contain any harmful chemicals that may affect your hair in any way, making it perfect for all hair types.
  • REPAIRING AND NOURISHING 6 ESSENTIALS: This keratin hair treatment contains Hydrolyzed Collagen, Elastin, Keratin, Wheat Protein, Corn Protein, and Soy Protein. These active nutrients in our hair spray will support growth, improve shine, repair damaged strands, and build hair from the inside out while moisturizing it.
  • CASHMERE KERATIN FOR HEALTHY HAIR: These frizz-control hair products' fine hair is formulated with Keratin extracted from cashmere goat that helps repair damaged cuticles. The CMC complex glues itself to hair cuticles to strengthen hair to prevent breakage and damage caused by aging and external stimuli.
  • NON-OILY, NON-STICKY, AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This hair serum for humidity control is a water-serum formula that absorbs quickly to fight frizz without weighing down your hair. Moreover, this anti-frizz hair serum does not leave any sticky residue on hands or hair, helping you achieve healthier, silkier hair easily!
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