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DUFT&DOFT Lazy Blanc Body Spray (200ml)

DUFT&DOFT Lazy Blanc Body Spray (200ml)

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200 ml /  7.0 fl.oz.

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Why we love it
It has an anti-stink complex which kills odour-causing bacteria, neutralizing bacteria before it interacts with sweat and reducing the amount of body odour.
With long-lasting technology for a fragrance that lasts all-day
Featured ingredients
Fennel Seed Extract: With cooling and soothing properties
Lime Extract: Protects your skin from infections while rejuvenating it
Grapefruit Extract: Contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties

DUFT&DOFT Fragrance Body Spray is designed for you to smell good every single day. Various scents make it suitable for light daily use to have a perfume boost. Formulated with natural ingredients that feature Odor Molecule Blockade Technology that stuns the growth of body odour. The scent has a long-lasting, delightful fragrance that is clinically proven non-irritating.

DUFT&DOFT Lazy Blanc Fragrance Body Spray 200ml Floral Amber - reminds me of a sunny, relaxing weekend spent lying on a bed covered with crisp and clean linen

DUFT&DOFT Hazy Green Fragrance Body Spray 200ml Spicy Aromatic - makes a vibrant tang first impression and then surrounds you like the mystique of woods

DUFT&DOFT Citron Musk Fragrance Body Spray 200ml Citrus Musk - a rich blend of transparent bergamot and warmth of musk awakens your mind

DUFT&DOFT Lily Bloom Fragrance Body Spray 200ml Fruity Floral - like a stroll in a blooming field of lily flowers on a breezy day, it lifts your mood evoking happy memories

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