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Farmstay 76 Green Tea Calming Facial Mist (120ml)

Farmstay 76 Green Tea Calming Facial Mist (120ml)

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This calming facial mist contains essential ingredients to rejuvenate and soothe your skin.
• Keeps skin moisturized
• Soothes irritated skin
• For hydrating skin before and after makeup application
Your skin needs moisture!
Contains green tea extract to help soothe the skin
A facial mist with light and fine particles, the polyol ingredient form s a moisturizing film on the skin, helping to keep the skin moist.

POINT 01 Moisturizing + soothing skin!
It helps to replenish moisture and make the skin moist instantly; at the same time, during the changing season, dryness is doubled by the difference in temperature. Green tea extract helps to calm and moisturize the skin.
POINT 02 A simple and instant cooling pack!
All you need is a cotton pad and the mist.
Sprinkle mist on a cotton pad to moisten it, place it on the area where soothing is needed for 2-3 minutes, and then remove it to feel a cooling sensation.
POINT 03 Make your skin healthy and lively!
Reduce skin stress!
It replenishes moisture and nutrients to the skin stimulated by external environments such as intense UV rays and fine dust. It lowers stress and brightens the skin tone.

Recommended to
• When you need to replenish moisture before/after makeup
• Those who need skin soothing
• Those who want to have healthy and clear skin
Green Tea Seed Oil for clean skin
Green tea seed oil, rich in vitamins A and B2, effectively soothes and helps sensitive skin. In addition, active ingredients such as catechins, tocopherols, and amino acids form a protective film on the skin and effectively discharge waste products. Makes skin healthy and clean.
• STEP 1: Shake well before use
• STEP 2: Place it 20cm away from your face, close your eyes and spray
• STEP 3: Use it frequently when feeling dry
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