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Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule (250ml)

Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule (250ml)

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Enhance skin hydration and freshness with this ampoule.
• Contains aloe vera extract to soothe and moisturize dry skin
• Forms a moisture barrier on the skin
• Provides long-lasting hydration



Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule


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Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule - Ushops - Korea Skincare - Face Serum



Plenty of nutrients!

Care for hydrated skin!

Aloe effectively soothes and moisturizes the skin by lowering the skin temperature immediately upon application. Excellent moisture supply and soothing skin effect without stickiness. It helps to strike a balance.

High dose, high concentration, aloe all-in-one ampule
Make your skin healthy and beautiful.



Brightening / Wrinkle improvements

Clear and transparent skin

Aloe vera leaf extract and vitamin scrub fill the skin with vitality.
It helps to make the skin clearer and brighter.


Don’t spare it!

Large volume, high-nutrition ampoule

From face to body, generously care for troubled areas.
250ml capacity, enough to use.
Don’t spare it, and give your skin plenty of nutrition!


Toner + Lotion + Essence

Highly concentrated all-in-one ampoule

From a moisturizing film
Keeps the skin moist and clear all day long
Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule - Ushops - Korea Skincare - Face Serum 

Recommended for those people

For those who are worried about their dull and tried face
For those who are worried about the balance of the skin
For those who are looking for an ampoule that is soft and refreshing without stickiness

Farmstay Aloe All-in-One Ampoule - Ushops - Korea Skincare - Face Serum

Aloe extract hydrates and soothes the skin
Aloe is rich in vitamins and minerals
It moisturizes, soothes, is rich in antioxidants, cleanses
and it helps reduce the look of dark spots.
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