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Farmstay Gold Collagen Nourishing Cream (55ml)

Farmstay Gold Collagen Nourishing Cream (55ml)

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Farmstay Gold Collagen Nourishing Cream - Anti-aging Korean Korea Skincare Face care - Ushops

Level up your skincare routine with this gold collagen nourishing cream!
• Makes skin vibrant, healthy, and youthful
• Nourishes skin
• Improves skin elasticity
• Strengthens the skin barrier
• Evens out skin tone

If you are concerned about the age of your skin, be sure to take care of it!

Collagen ingredient nourishes the skin to help maintain elastic skin, and gold ingredient helps to make the skin revitalized. 

POINT 01. The power of firm skin!

The gold ingredient purifies and revitalizes the skin, and collagen effectively prevents aging by making the skin firm and strong, helping reverse the skin age.

POINT 02. Refreshing finish after absorption

The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin moist from the inside! Feel the fresh finish.

POINT 03. Moisturizing the skin is essential!

It is a moisturizing cream that can use as a single product for whitening/wrinkle.


  • Those who want elastic skin
  • Those who are concerned about skin aging
  • Those who are looking for a creamy and refreshing cream without stickiness


Power to the skin cells! Gold helps soothe and relieve the skin

Gold helps to revitalize the skin by soothing and relieving damaged and sensitive skin from external stimuli and promoting circulation.


STEP 1: Take an appropriate amount at the last step of skincare.
STEP 2: Apply gently along the skin.
STEP 3: After spreading, lightly press as if covering the face for absorption.

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