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Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask (10 Sheets)

Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask (10 Sheets)

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Nourish rough and dry skin with this essence mask!
  • Improves skin texture
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Soothes irritated skin



Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask

Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask
#Skin Moisturizing #Condition Recovery #Hydration

Contains blueberries to restore skin condition

Contains blueberry extract and various vegetable extracts. Royal jelly and Asian berries enhance skin moisture retention contains to help create vibrant skin condensation.
*Limited to raw material properties.

Seamless nutrition with reliable adherence

A mask sheet that fits comfortably in the bent part and also fits comfortably in the bent part. Fresh essence formulation texture absorbs without stickiness to the skin Soothes tired skin by providing enough moisture to help smooth skin texture.
*Limited to raw material properties.

 Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask

The sink hypoallergenic test completed

30 mins – 24 hours after using Real Blueberry Essence Mask identified as 0.00 hypoallergenic by the reactivity shown on the skin. Use with confidence.



Moisturize with essence formulation filled with moisture factor Silky finish, clean without stuffiness!

 Farmstay Real Blueberry Essence Mask

How To Use

STEP 1 – Cleanse the skin using warm water
STEP 2 – Open the pouch and mask around the eyes and mouth apply evenly throughout the face except.
STEP 3 – Relax in a comfortable position for about 15-20 mins. After attaching, remove lightly.
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