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Farmstay Real Strawberry Peel-Off Nose Pack (60g)

Farmstay Real Strawberry Peel-Off Nose Pack (60g)

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Farmstay Real Strawberry Peel-Off Nose Pack - Blackhead Korea Korean Skincare - Ushops

Get rid of dirt and impurities with the help of this peel-off nose pack!
• Formulated with strawberry and plant extracts
• Removes blackheads and dead skin cells
• Soothes irritated skin
• Hydrates skin

Stop Worrying about strawberry nose!

Keep your pores fresh.

It is a peel-off type nose pack that cleanly removes blackheads and hidden sebum around the nose. Strawberry extract and various vegetable extracts soothe irritated pores and moisturize for a smooth finish.

Farmstay Real Strawberry Peel-Off Nose Pack - Blackhead Korea Korean Skincare - Ushops

POINT 01. Refreshing pore care

Natural extracts and strawberry extract resolve blackheads and sagging pores due to sebum secretion to elastic and lively skin. In addition, the sweet and refreshing strawberry scent helps to manage pores refreshingly.

POINT 02. Smooth Skin Care

The chewy texture of the nose pack strongly absorbs and pulls out blackheads in the pores to help you manage your skin for smooth and soft skin. 

POINT 03. Wherever the trouble is

As a peel-off type, if you apply it anywhere you want, it helps to keep your skin smooth by removing blackheads, whiteheads, and hidden sebum.


  • Those who are concerned about blackheads
  • Those who need sebum and pore management
  • Those who want lively and elastic skin

Main Ingredient

Strawberry extract

Strawberry extract is an EWG Skin Deep Grade 1 ingredient that can be used confidently. It has skin conditioning effects, protects the skin from free radicals, and improves skin tone, making it elastic.

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