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Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack (4ml x 20)

Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack (4ml x 20)

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Give your skin a quick, soothing treatment with this pack!

  • For dry and sensitive skin
  • Soothes skin irritation and redness
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Essence full of moisture


 Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack

Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack

Radiance moisturizing sleeping pack as if you woke up from a sound sleep.
Vitality boosting is provided overnight.

Can we control skin trouble and elasticity at the same time?
Calming effect and skin elasticity with TEA TREE BIOME
Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack
Green Derma Recipe with Tea Tree Leaves and Micro Biome Effective in calming sensitive skin and balancing healthy skin.
*Above effect is limited to the original ingredients.

Triple Care

Strong Calming Effect with Tea Tree + Micro Biome


It is a compound word for Microbe and Biome.

It refers to the environment in which microorganisms and ecosystems live, including the genetic information of various microorganisms.
It takes care of the skin’s foundation to change skin texture, strengthen the skin barrier, and promote blood circulation to make the skin clear and healthy.


Sleeping Care, why is it important?

Tired skin during the day, recovering skin condition during the night.
Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack

01 Intensive care during the sleep golden time

Contains biome ingredients to strengthen skin elasticity while sleeping.

02 Rich moisture gel texture

It is a formulation that gives a feeling of moisture as soon as it is applied, and cares for moist and shiny skin.

03 ONE Pack Per Day for Special Care

It is a stick type that is easy to carry and it can be used hygienically.


Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack



Triple moisturizing care & calming skincare main ingredient

Tea Tree leaf extract is a representative ingredient for skin calming.
Tea Tree leaf extract helps intensively care for sensitive skin with damaged inner and outer skin barriers to control healthy skin balance.


Contains plant extracts

It contains Centella Asiatica extract, madecassoside, and lactose, which are nourishing the skin, providing moisture and radiance to the skin by soothing, energizing, and strengthening the barrier.


20 Packs for every day before going to bed

Night care does not require rinsing.

While the transparent hydrating essence quickly permeates, it gives elasticity and vitality without worrying about staining, and it is convenient to carry anytime, anywhere without needing to wash off, even when going out or travelling.


 Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack


As if you slept soundly every day, good night care for your skin

Start night care with a sleeping pack that straightens the skin barrier that has been disturbed by external harmful environments and stress.
For tired skin during the day, it is hypoallergenic and replenishes fresh moisture.



“Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack is rigorously certified.”

Skin irritation test passed – 30 minutes and 24 hours after applying Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack, it was determined to be non-irritating. Even those with sensitive skin can enjoy it.
Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics – Adenosine, a representative wrinkle improvement ingredient has less skin irritation and helps improve wrinkles and skin elasticity.


Recommended For

✓ Those who are concerned about rough skin
✓ Those whose makeup is rolling or peeling off due to dead skin cells
✓ Those who want moist and shiny skin
✓ Those who want their skin to look livelier in the morning
✓ Those who want a sleeping pack with effective calming properties



Soft gel texture with rich essence. A gel type that can be used as a moisturizing cream and forms a refreshing moisture barrier like a jelly without stickiness.

 Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack

How To Use

After washing your face in the evening, the last step of skincare is to take an appropriate amount and apply it all over your face except for the eye area and then go to sleep.
Farmstay Tea Tree Biome Calming Sleeping Pack
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