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Farmstay Visible Difference Hand Cream Collagen (100g)

Farmstay Visible Difference Hand Cream Collagen (100g)

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Deliver rich moisture to your hands with this hand cream.
• Ideal for those with dry, rough hands
• Deeply moisturizes skin
• Softens rough skin
• Keeps cuticles healthy and soft

Farmstay Visible Difference Hand Cream Collagen - Moisturizes Korean Korea Skincare - Ushops

Moisture without stickiness!

Fills the ends of the hands with moisture. Collagen extracts and moisture-filled nutrients soothe dry and rough hands, keeping them soft and nourished without stickiness and creating smooth and hydrated hands.



Farmstay Visible Difference Hand Cream Collagen - Moisturizes Korean Korea Skincare - Ushops


Contains collagen to help with elasticity, firmness, and shapeliness of hands!

The cream contains hydrolyzed collagen extract that deeply penetrates the skin, helping to create firm and smooth hands from the inside.



Highly moisturizing hand care! Moisturizing without stickiness!

The soft cream formulation of the hand cream moisturizes dry hands and nails without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin. It penetrates deeply and helps to keep hands feeling deeply moisturized.



Generous 100ml capacity! For those in need of moisture!

The generous 100ml capacity makes it easy to moisturize dry elbows, heels, and other areas. It quickly moisturizes and nourishes the skin wherever needed.


Recommended for:

✓ Those who want smooth hands
✓ Those looking for a non-greasy hand cream
✓ Those looking for a large quantity of hand cream


Main Extract - Hydrolyzed collagen:

Hydrolyzed collagen is obtained from animal bones, skin, fish, etc., and is known to help improve wrinkles. It is a protein component that is good for skin elasticity. It is effective in preventing aging, such as wrinkles, by creating durable skin.
The above description is limited to raw material characteristics.
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